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    • Benny Raeymaekers in 2023 via Google
      Reviewed: Matexi - Antwerpen
      • + We bought from matexi in Schildershof in Essen. From start to finish we were super well guided by project leader Bert Van Hees. We could always count on this and communication went very smoothly. The works were followed up very well and problems were quickly resolved. Not only are we satisfied, but everyone from phase 4 has praise for Bert. Benny and Margo Raeymaekers-Van Loon
    • Rukiye Kemaldar in 2023 via Google
      Reviewed: Matexi - Limburg
      • - Bought a house in Dilsen-Stokkem. Friendly until we got our keys. Here and there it was not right. All understanding, crowds, order not in stock (when choosing, in stock and then they go to war). And then it started, I had to call most of them myself when they came (which was not the intention). Some said they knew nothing, had not received an email (which the project leader had done). One very rude on the phone, one says to the project leader that they have been (so lying, they have not been able to show proof. Of course the project leader who also dares to ask me why I say something like that that they didn't come, but in the end he didn't get any confirmation/email/photos that it was made). So also a project leader who is rude. Afterwards I hear that neighbors who signed after us received a different price (less) for screed (1000€ less, we didn't have matexi do it because we thought it was expensive), underfloor heating (500€ less). And if you ask the project manager why, 'yes it will be an invoice error, as if it were about €10-50. What do you want me to do, knock on the door of the neighbors and ask back'. Afterwards he sends calculation card from us and neighbours, they have signed for us for 6 months and that the prices have gone up. He's acting like we're stupid. Before you receive a calculation card, you will receive a quote (8 months before). So that's how it goes.
    • Fabian Deverchin in 2023 via Google
      Reviewed: Matexi - Namur
      • - You show your (serious) interest in a new Monday property, but we only know how to show it to you (visit in principle) 7 days later because the schedule is full and not in the region. However, we guarantee you that there is no concern, that the desired good is not requested.. Motivated as ever, I therefore allow myself to take the advance by launching the request for credit and kitchen project.. . So that finally, on Friday, we call you to tell you that the property in question is sold (find the error!)... And above all, we kindly tell you: "first come, first served"... Nevertheless, as a compensation lot, we offer you a property still available for 7000€ more expensive. It is true that nowadays, it is already a luxury to be able to afford a new property but that it is even easier and within everyone's reach to add such an amount. A very big thank you to this company (Ms Vantongelen) who, by her lack of words, has just put a personal project in the water with all that follows, as well as having made me pass for anything within the different requests. Respect, professionalism and commercial level, we could have hoped for a lot better ;-(
    • nono lee in 2023 via Google
      • - Not at all convinced of the honesty of this company
    • pierre aldruide in 2022 via Google
      Reviewed: Matexi - Namur
      • - Lack of responsiveness the customer is far from being king unfortunately!!
    • Salvatore Todaro in 2022 via Google
      Reviewed: Matexi - Liège
      • - This has been going on for 2 years....and it's not over incompetent staff it borders on the ridiculous... Instead of insulating pipes placed in the attic, they wrapped the insulating ducts coming out of the VMC!!!!! Undo a siding due to humidity and replace it with visible screws.... We promise the restoration of the blue stones when the climate allows it and here is the 2nd winter which begins!
    • Rene Schluter in 2022 via Google
      • - After about 4 years, we discovered through rising damp in the night hall that our 2 shower trays from Villeroy & Boch (bathroom and shower room) were placed incorrectly. The installation manual clearly states that the 4 sides of the shower tray should be supported with beams. That did not happen, causing the shower trays to bend too far and the sealant edge to tear. Well, everyone makes mistakes. After more than 1.5 years of calling and emailing back and forth and a lot of patience on my part, Matexi finally had a first intervention performed on the shower poop in the shower room this summer ('22). Instead of supporting the 4 sides of the shower tray with beams, it was decided to fill the entire space under the shower tray with 10 bags of cement. Well, a problem can be solved in several ways. The problem, however, is that the shower screen was put back straight away. I don't have to make a drawing: by immediately replacing the shower screen, the shower tray was no longer level, so that the water on the side of the shower screen immediately flowed into the bathroom. A second intervention was intended to remedy this problem. The result: apart from the fact that the quality of the sealant is downright scandalous, there is now a puddle of water 6mm deep in one corner of the shower tray after showering - see attached photos. Instead of taking responsibility, Matexi now literally calls the pool of water 6mm deep "minimal, negligible". She also suddenly claims that there is nothing wrong with the shower tray in the bathroom, while I literally have an email stating that the shower tray has been placed incorrectly. Moreover, we were asked by Matexi by email to select a new tile because our current tile in the bathroom could no longer be ordered. Why would Matexi ask us to pick out a tile for works she didn't plan to do? Since Mr Sterckx, member of the Board of Directors of Matexi, has been involved in our case for about six months, the only remaining option is to take legal action against Matexi. I am deeply saddened to see that Matexi's moral compass is completely out of whack... I am posting this review with the intention of warning future buyers. Matexi realizes beautiful projects and I have experienced the guidance during the construction process as very positive. However, this positive experience will be completely negated if it subsequently turns out that there are defects because then it will turn out that Matexi will evade its responsibility if things do not go according to plan...
    • Iryna Y in 2022 via Google
      Reviewed: Matexi - Antwerpen
      • - Apartment to be delivered a year later than promised by the saleswoman. Then have to pay in full before delivery. When walking around, it turns out that everything is missing. Taps sockets etc… Now 3 months later they still can't say when it will be finished. No response etc…. Terrible company Never again
    • Gin B in 2022 via Google
      • - To flee!!!
    • Filip Geerts in 2022 via Google
      Reviewed: Matexi - Limburg
      • + honest correct company
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