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    • steve canas in 2022 via Google
      • - The commercial part for the purchase of the property is very effective in attracting you. Once the deed is signed, it's the beginning of the galleys. After the change of site manager, it is radio silence. Despite an email to the general management having responded with superb promises, it is clear that MATEXI does not assume the errors of its subcontractors (infiltration in the roof, incompetence of the plumber, hazardous installation of the tiles, etc.). In addition, during the sale you are told on the plan that there will be 4 access roads in a district of 600 homes when in reality there will only be one. ASHAMED. The quality is well below promises and commitments. I strongly advise against this builder and do not hesitate to tell my acquaintances seeking to invest / have it built. Shameful for the after-sales service / reception.
    • Andy Huysmans in 2022 via Google
    • Philippe et Anne-Pascale Ernst in 2022 via Google
      • + Excellent welcome even though we didn't have an appointment.
    • Sien Guldemont in 2022 via Google
      • - It's a shame you have to give 1 star, I'd rather give NONE at all! We have been waiting for our EPC certificate for more than two years. This together with EVERYONE who has a matexi home here in the street. Registered letter doesn't matter, you don't even get a response, e-mail, no response.. when you call, even the person at the desk already knows the problem .. ' they are working on it' we have been getting this answer for almost 3 years !! !! From now on, they will be getting reviews online until they respond and spring into action. We NEVER build with matexi again, and we ensure the right word of mouth, also in construction sectors.
    • Lesley Vandael in 2021 via Google
      Reviewed: Matexi - Limburg
      • - We started this exciting adventure enthusiastically. But agreements in the contract are not fulfilled. Emails are rarely answered or not answered at all. We are snubbed like toddlers and stamped as 'exceptional case' when we simply expect good and customer-friendly service. This is really not possible.
    • Issam Marrakchi in 2021 via Google
      • - Bad faith to compensate the costs of late delivery. Lies by omission on numerous occasions, in particular on the lifting of remarks at the reception of the house different from the one sent to you subsequently with missing pages. I had opted for this solution for peace of mind, but there is none. Their strength is to approach you with a lot of sympathy and to make you believe in their benevolence. Then they verbally manipulate reassuring words to you and email you another version with hedging clauses. To flee
    • gilles debeer in 2021 via Google
      • - House built (like the neighborhood) 3 years ago. There are still points to be made but which are rejected by matexi. - missing seals in the bathroom: Their excuse is that it's been too long to be able to make this part of their responsibility (although I have emails that tell them about this problem from the start) ... But considering that 'they haven't done anything now it's too late. - "Stylish" parking space, resembling sand dunes because the contractor forgot to tell the digger that the 3 m of earth had to be packed. Their reason for refusing to redo the parking space: It is not because they built the parking space that they are responsible for it. I pass their other small post where I stopped fighting because it cost me less (in time, energy, ...) to pay a serious entrepreneur to do it. But otherwise 2 stars (and not one) because as their manager (authentic) said: I can consider myself lucky since my walls are holding ...
    • Bart De Palmenaer in 2021 via Google
    • Virginie Degryse in 2021 via Google
      • - We are currently having a house built with Matexi and although we were won over by the salesperson at the start of the project, we are disappointed at the lack of responsiveness on their side! 3 months to give us a quote and then we are pressed like lemons to be signed! We decided not to do our cooking at the kitchen of the specifications because of the great lack of professionalism as well as the prices well above the market of these and because of that, we lose 1280 euros! It's huge for a small budget like ours! And no commercial gesture!
    • Todaro Antonio in 2021 via Google
      Reviewed: Matexi - Liège
      • - A lot of blah ... and no action Finish to see ...
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