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Reasons to look for a home on Realo

  • Unique Listings

    Realo is free for private home owners. We work closely together with trusted real estate agents. That's how we don't only have more listings, but also listings you won't find anywhere else.

  • More Transparency

    Realo stands for transparency. We believe that every buyer and renter have the right to receive correct and complete information and therefore collect and process publicly available data.

  • Mobile & Handy

    Realo offers a user-friendly, intuitive website and app. Elegance and simplicity is what we aim for – because appearances do matter.

How does the Realo Estimate® work?

  • Public Information

    Realo uses all publicly available information about homes and neighbourhoods to generate a Rough Estimate for each home (black estimates on the map).

  • Your information

    As an owner you obviously know all the details about your home. Answer a few questions and get a Realo Estimate® (green estimates on the map).

  • Growing accuracy

    The formula behind the Realo Estimate® is self-learning. This makes our estimates more accurate every week.
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