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    • Tom H. in 2024 via Google
      • - Stay away from this company! A company that does not adhere to agreements and has no idea what it is doing. Had to give notice of default twice because they simply (attempted) to ignore agreements made (which were made together with an independent architect). They simply ignore you when you ask to complete the noted outstanding issues. They don't even know what agreements they make with their own subcontractors. The subcontractor says that what is included in the price, Matexi does not. The quality of some of their subcontractors is also questionable. Worst of all was the service (when it was there at all). That defies all imagination. You literally have to email and call for weeks to even get a response from the project leader. There's just no communication. When there is communication, it is as unfriendly and arrogant as it can be. Every time again. Scandalous. Incompetent project leader. When we did not agree to the provisional acceptance because our kitchen was not even there yet, we were casually accused of wasting Matexi's time. While as a customer you have to arrange everything during the day with your work to get there. Unbelievable. You get the strangest excuses: "We have to be selective in our communication because we are busy." A very weak excuse to just ignore you for weeks and leave you with your (genuine) problems. This only got worse after the preliminary acceptance, when they had received all the money. Then it became a matter of pulling and dragging. In short: Stay away from here! Unfortunately, we are not the only ones with this experience...
    • José 69 in 2023 via Google
      • - Terrible policy, they try to blame all their mistakes on you and try to solve as little as possible themselves and benefit as much as possible from you as a tenant or buyer. Please look further before you want to buy/rent anything here.
    • Tom van de Ven in 2023 via Google
      • - BE WARNED! Don't do business with this company! SHADY AND MALAFIDE are the words that best describe this company and its employees! And they are on holiday for service and warranty! WORTHLESS!!
    • Rukiye Kemaldar in 2023 via Google
      • - Bought a house in Dilsen-Stokkem. Friendly until we got our keys. Things were not right here and there. All understanding, busy, order not in stock (when choosing, it is in stock and then they start war). And then it started, I had to call most of them myself when they came (which wasn't the intention). Some said they knew nothing and had not received any email (which the project manager had done). One is very rude on the line, one tells the project leader that they have been there (so they are lying, they have not been able to show any proof). Of course, the project leader also dares to ask me why I say something like that. did not arrive. But in the end he did not receive confirmation/email/photos that it had been made). This also includes a project manager who is rude. Afterwards I hear that neighbors who signed after us received a different price (less) for screed (€1000 less, we did not have it done by Matexi because we thought it was expensive), underfloor heating (€500 less). And if you ask the project leader why that is, 'yes, it will be a billing error, as if it concerns €10-50. What do you want me to do, knock on the neighbors door and ask for something back?' Afterwards he sends us and neighbors a calculation card, they signed for us for 6 months and that the prices have gone up. He acts like we're stupid. Before you receive your calculation card, you will receive a quote (8 months in advance). So that's how it goes.
    • Joren Heylen in 2022 via Google
      • - I have currently been waiting for a post-intervention file for 1.5 years. They do respond to emails to the point where it starts to become concrete. I have indicated several times that if something is wrong it can happen, but that I would like to know about it, but I have not received a response to this either. Now escalate it through a lawyer.
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