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Matexi - Brabant Wallon

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    Animée par la devise "Bienvenue chez vous", Matexi développe depuis 65 ans des quarties où il fait bon vivre, travailler, se détendre et faire ses courses. Elle s'appuie pour ce faire sur un professionnalisme exemplaire et une vision à long terme.
    Forte des connaissances et de l'expérience acquises au gré des centaines de projets et des dizaines de milliers d'habitations réalisées depuis 1945, Matexi développe et construit pour vous dans tout le Brabant Wallon. N'hésitez pas à découvrir tous nos biens sur

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    • François Devillers in 2024 via Google
      • - Uses of incompetent subcontractor. Problems upon problems and interventions on parts of the house without problem to create them. To avoid but the competition is of the same level unfortunately.
    • Issam Marrakchi in 2022 via Google
      • - After several reminders by calls and emails which went unanswered for dismaying files after provisional reception on the Wavre construction site in Champs Saint Anne, the file tracking service sends us away telling us that they are only " mailboxes", and that we must manage defects with their suppliers. We are not the only ones on this project to suffer from this situation. We promise a point of contact and a smile upon purchase, from the leak to repairing defects afterwards. Well done. Have a lawyer at your side for greater peace of mind and don't trust the "friendly" side of certain employees who want to blind you at reception to the point of passing off a completely crooked wall as right. Even the site manager was outraged by Madame's reaction.
    • steve canas in 2022 via Google
      • - The commercial part of purchasing the property is very effective in attracting you. Once the act is signed, the troubles begin. After the change of site manager, it was radio silence. Despite an email to the general management which responded with superb promises, it is clear that MATEXI does not take responsibility for the errors of its subcontractors (infiltration in the roof, incompetence of the plumber, hazardous installation of tiling, etc.). In addition, during the sale you are told on the plan that there will be 4 access roads in a neighborhood of 600 housing units when in reality there will only be one. ASHAMED. The quality is well below the promises and commitments. I strongly advise against this builder and do not hesitate to tell my acquaintances looking to invest / have it built. Shameful for the after-sales service / reception.
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