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    Bel ons. We komen graag.

    Met de glimlach. Met de sleutel.

    En met heel veel goesting.

    In Izegem, Merelbeke en Waregem.

    We gaan allemaal dat stapje verder.

    Voor elke klant. Elke dag.

    Altijd opnieuw. Van vroeg tot laat.

    Omdat we weten dat we zo resultaten halen.

    Omdat we zo onze klanten echt helpen.

    En omdat we zo zijn.

    We zijn Bordes. We verkopen en verhuren vastgoed.

    En weet je hoe we dat doen?

    Eerst luisteren we. Om te weten en te begrijpen.

    Vervolgens denken we. In oplossingen.

    Daarna beloven we. En dan doen we meer.

    Keer op keer.

  • Reviews 213

    • Gerben Claes in 2023 via Google
      Reviewed: Bordes Merelbeke
      • + It was a very nice collaboration with Kyara. In addition to the EPC certificate, Bordes also provided other information on the day of the visit to be used after the purchase of the house to get started with renovating, such as the cost of making the electricity compliant. This gave us a good overview of the total costs that were added afterwards in addition to the purchase price. We could always contact Kyara if we had questions about something, to which she always answered enthusiastically. The purchase went very smoothly.
    • Céline Lambrechts in 2023 via Google
      Reviewed: Bordes Merelbeke
      • + I was allowed to work with Augustus for the 2nd time. A super recommendation! Augustus listens to my wishes and needs and acts accordingly. I didn't have to worry about anything and I sold my house above the asking price within a month. Bordes works openly and transparently and is extremely customer-oriented. Thinks along with the customer and works according to the wishes of the customer. Their service is second to none in my opinion. Stop looking for another broker, Bordes is the place to be! :)
    • Ine Rappoye in 2023 via Google
      Reviewed: Bordes Waregem
      • + House with shed was sold very quickly, lots of respect for Louis! You did this with great professionalism and with full enthusiasm! You can also trust Louis 100% to bring everything to a good end. Bordes is definitely recommended to sell your home!
    • Laura Lefevre in 2023 via Google
      Reviewed: Bordes Waregem
      • + During our search for a home, we met Bordes. It was a very smooth collaboration! Big thanks to Louis for the professional approach and fast communication! Bordes is definitely recommended!
    • Bini Hantson in 2023 via Google
      Reviewed: Bordes Waregem
      • + When viewing a new apartment, we first became acquainted with Bordes. A charming young man was waiting for us. His enthusiasm and professionalism left a deep impression. That is why we decided to involve Bordes in the sale of our house. Once again we were surprised by his smooth approach and his professional guidance. Thank you Louis!!! Bordes is highly recommended!
    • Martine Deprez in 2022 via Google
      Reviewed: Bordes Merelbeke
      • + When I wanted to sell my home, my granddaughter suggested the real estate agency Bordes. From the very first moment of contact I knew why. The Bordes team in Merelbeke welcomed me with open arms and immediately reassured me. Although it is not easy to move as a person over 60, the team ensured a smooth service. They took care of the administrative side of things so that I could secretly look ahead to my new place. After a successful visiting day, my home was immediately sold. Thank you Kyara and co! You have made my dream come true.
    • Yaël Dhondt in 2022 via Google
      Reviewed: Bordes Waregem
      • + During our search for a home, we came into contact with Bordes, then unknown to us. The first meeting with Louis was very spontaneous and professional. We were enthusiastic about the house, but still had a few doubts that Louis responded to perfectly. All our questions were answered correctly and quickly. Great communication from start to finish! There was therefore no doubt about the next step, who will sell our current home, Bordes of course! Our family with 3 small children is already busy enough, so the administration for a sale was not for us. Louis was prepared to the smallest detail and everything went very smoothly. Receiving an offer after the viewing day was therefore the icing on the cake. Bordes is not just another real estate agency. They differ from others in many ways. Never experienced an intrusive feeling. You are not just another buyer or seller. Here you buy and sell a home with feeling, not purely business. Don't hesitate, contact Bordes! Louis, how you assisted us in this process, chapeau!!! Our eyes have opened to see how things could be otherwise. We will (normally) no longer be moving, but otherwise we will knock on your door anyway! 😉 Big thank you!
    • Patrick Achtergaele in 2022 via Google
      Reviewed: Bordes Merelbeke
      • + We have known Liselot for years, our daughters went to school together. It therefore seemed logical to us to sell my parents-in-law's house through Bordes. 6 months later my parents' house also had to be sold and again we were helped well by Liselot. When we decided to move, we didn't hesitate for a second to work with Bordes Merelbeke again. We were well briefed by Liselot, Diana and Kyara about the changing market. Kyara took beautiful pictures (best to stay away from her if she is creative ;)) and found a super nice couple who were very interested in our house. The sale was closed on the first day of the visit, even for a better price. We immediately hit it off with the buyers, it was like meeting our younger selves. We have a really good feeling about this. Thank you Kyara and the entire Bordes team!
    • Michiel Lauwaerts in 2022 via Google
      Reviewed: Bordes Merelbeke
      • + Since we were looking for an apartment in the area, we quickly ended up at Bordes Merelbeke. During the visit we were welcomed by an infectious and enthusiastic Kyara who on the one hand informed us well but on the other hand also gave us the freedom and space for inspection, the ideal method to feel right at home! The documents submitted were thoroughly prepared. The many questions were answered correctly and quickly. We soon arrived at the desired end result, the purchase of an apartment! Top service from start to finish. That will only make you happy! Thank you Kyara for the professionalism, fair and smooth handling.
    • TheSplette in 2022 via Google
      • - Talk fully with the landlord, however unjust they may be ...... Afterwards in private there will be a completely different view of the situation
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