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Immobilia Woestyn

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    • Sven Göbel in 2023 via Google
      • + Very friendly staff, everything went smoothly
    • Ing Peels-van der Laan in 2023 via Google
      • + Nice people who work there. If there is something wrong with your holiday home... action will be taken.
    • Fa Bio in 2023 via Google
      • + Nice service, nice appartment. A bit expensive, but it's a market issue. Thanks for the apartment !
    • Jessylensche in 2022 via Google
      • - We rented an apartment from September 3rd to September 10th, 2022 in beautiful De Haan. The apartment “De Torre 1” in the “Villa de Torre” building was rented. A really nice apartment from the outside, beautifully furnished and a great location. At second glance, it wasn't particularly clean, with blood stains on the bed sheets and a balcony littered with pigeon droppings. What was more disturbing, however, was that there was currently a large construction site right next to the building owned by the same owner. Construction work on the neighboring house began promptly at 7:30 a.m. every morning, and sleep, let alone relaxation, was out of the question on vacation. The Woestyn agency never informed us about the construction site at any time during our booking! However, the reaction of the employee Ms. Bervoet on site was much worse. We presented our complaint in a friendly and objective manner on the second day of construction work. Her defensive reaction: “It’s not my fault, I can’t do anything, it’s outside of my responsibility.” Unprofessional and customer-hostile behavior. No offer of compensation or even an apology from the employee. Ms. Bervoet never gave the impression that she wanted to help. We had to address whether she would speak to the owner. She allegedly did this on the same day. She told us in writing that the owner had assured her that construction work would never begin before 8 a.m. Again, no offer of compensation, no offer to move to another property. Ms. B. thus confirmed in writing that the construction work would begin early every day. She also informed us that there was nothing further that she could do because the managing director of her agency would not be available until September 15, 2022. He can contact us as soon as he gets back. However, we left on September 10th, 2022, so no help whatsoever. We would also like to note that no apology was received from the owner after Ms. Bervoet contacted us. This never appeared to us and remained silent. We told Ms. B. how disappointed we were with the agency and especially with her behavior. We received no response to this new email. The managing director of Woestyn has not yet contacted us. Why didn't they take advantage of the opportunity to satisfy us as customers again and find a solution together with us? We probably didn't generate enough sales for this. Conclusion: We would strongly advise anyone interested not to book with this agency and with Villa de Torre. If there are problems, you as a customer will be let down. Non-existent customer service, no accommodation at all. You turn a deaf ear and deny any responsibility. No excuse for letting us move in next to a major construction site and then acting as if it was our problem. Grade 6, Woestyn & Villa de Torre - that's not how you treat customers! Once and never again.
    • BENITO ESTEVEZ OBRERO in 2022 via Google
      • - I give 3 stars 🌟 for overall, but for my personal experience I give a 2 🌟. Pleasant and helpful staff, very good professional welcome, on the other hand, the contract conditions for renting my own property via the agency are simply abusive and unacceptable, so I chose another real estate agency.
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