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Heylen Vastgoed - Geel

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    Open kantoren in heel de provincie Antwerpen en het Waasland: dat wil niet alleen zeggen dat u 6 dagen op 7 kan -binnenstappen in Geel voor een pand in Antwerpen, of in Mechelen voor een woning in Turnhout. Dat wil ook zeggen: kantoren met telkens medewerkers met lokale marktkennis, om u op de beste manier te kunnen verderhelpen. Onze unieke aanpak geeft uw eigendom de meeste kans tot verkoop. De kennis van wonen van onze medewerkers en van de verschillende afdelingen die wij zelf in huis hebben zijn daar een erg belangrijk deel van. Er is een permanente wisselwerking tussen onze afdelingen verkoop, verhuur, nieuwbouw, property manangement en exclusief. Tel daarbij de ondersteuning van onze juridische afdeling met maar liefst 6 ervaren juristen en onze onthaalafdeling die alles in goede banen leiden. Dat zorgt niet alleen voor een volledige ontzorging voor u als verkoper maar ook een extra groot netwerk aan potentiële kopers. U wenst uw eigendom te verkopen of te verhuren? Vraag een gratis schatting aan voor uw huis, woning, appartement, of ander eigendom.

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    • laura t'hooft in 2022 via Google
      • + Very friendly people! ???? Kristof Mertens is a very good broker who gives you time, has all the information about the property, is friendly and not someone who keeps pushing with candidate buyers. In our search for our house we came across a number of real estate agents, but Kristof really stood out! ???? Definitely recommended to visit their office in Geel if you are looking for a dream home!
    • pierre geys in 2022 via Google
      • - Want to go there soon! Only then can I judge
    • Timmy Rutten in 2022 via Google
      • + Bought a new apartment in Mol via Heylen Vastgoed Geel. And that purchase is going well. Our real estate agent is Sabine and that is a pleasure to work with. The correct and fast feedback on all questions. And a no-nonsense to the point approach. We are very satisfied!
    • Sonja from Herselt sold in 2021
      • + Jong Dynamische mensen
    • Carmen C. in 2021 via Google
      • - Geel office-completely unprofessional attitude! After I gave all the details about 1 month ago, I sent few days ago an email asking if they have some news about the house I am interested about..."oh, our colleagues didn't contact you? You have an appointment on 20 October." Ok, finally... lucky that I have asked. 2 days later I received a voicemail: "you're appointment is cancelled. Call us" Of course, I have called and a very nice voice planned me for 1st December, actually the date when the house should be already rented.. when I asked about month, "sorry, 1st November" Is it sure, I have asked? "Our colleagues will contact you" Next day I received an email with: "Sorry, it was a mistake, 2nd November is ok for you?" That was yesterday. I answered asking if this date is for real, because I can not take day off from work for nothing and telling at the end that I am ok with their date. 20 minute ago I found another email, informing me that I was not chosen..." Biggest mistake to contact you!!!
    • Fabio Barreto in 2021 via Google
      • + Very kind people, professional, and the procedures were done fast. They were helpful, even thought I don’t speak Dutch this was never an obstacle A special thanks to Steffi Berghmans!
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