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    Open kantoren in heel de provincie Antwerpen, Limburg en Oost-Vlaanderen: dat wil niet alleen zeggen dat u 6 dagen op 7 kan -binnenstappen in Geel voor een pand in Antwerpen, of in Mechelen voor een woning in Turnhout. Dat wil ook zeggen: kantoren met telkens medewerkers met lokale marktkennis, om u op de beste manier te kunnen verderhelpen. Onze unieke aanpak geeft uw eigendom de meeste kans tot verkoop. De kennis van wonen van onze medewerkers en van de verschillende afdelingen die wij zelf in huis hebben zijn daar een erg belangrijk deel van. Er is een permanente wisselwerking tussen onze afdelingen verkoop, verhuur, nieuwbouw, property manangement en exclusief. Tel daarbij de ondersteuning van onze juridische afdeling met maar liefst 8 ervaren juristen en onze onthaalafdeling die alles in goede banen leiden. Dat zorgt niet alleen voor een volledige ontzorging voor u als verkoper maar ook een extra groot netwerk aan potentiële kopers. U wenst uw eigendom te verkopen of te verhuren?

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    • Koen Van Saet in 2022 via Google
    • Magda Wolput in 2022 via Google
      • + Professional and correct!
    • P V in 2022 via Google
      • + For the sale of our house in Grobbendonk, after some prospecting, we chose Heylen real estate. The professional approach (photos, estimate, open house day...) made the difference. Very correct and smooth cooperation with Sil Peeters who brought the sale to a positive end! Special thanks also to Glenn Lemmens and all employees of the office in Lier.
    • Marc Verachtert in 2022 via Google
      • + Top case
    • Tami Tzianorov in 2022 via Google
      • + We are very very happy with the service of Heylen Vastgoed. We about to complete a purchase of an apartment. All the team is very professional and kind. Ben who helped us all over the process was very nice, understanding, answering mail, messages and phone calls always (even on a Sunday!) He really wanted that both sides will be happy and everything will go smooth. For sure if I ever need to rent/sell/ buy I’ll ask for their service!!!
    • Ibrahim Dulger in 2022 via Google
      • + Heylen real estate agency in Lier definitely deserves 5* stars. Very good service, everything ready and clearly agreed and complied with!!! definitely a good feeling, can recommend to everyone
    • Carla Dehaes in 2022 via Google
      • + My apartment was rented through Heylen Vastgoed. It was a very pleasant and professional cooperation from the beginning to the end. I would especially like to thank Dorien Steurs for her unbridled commitment, her expertise and her correct and pleasant personal approach. Dorien is very customer oriented. She knew exactly which candidates I was looking for. All arrangements went smoothly and efficiently. She guided me very well when concluding the lease. No question was too much for her. I am more than satisfied. Thank you very much Dorian!
    • Peter in 2022 via Google
      • + It was a pleasure to work with Jonas and Gert van Heylen Vastgoed Turnhout on the sale of our house. Everything was handled very quickly, smoothly and correctly. Highly recommended.
    • Frank Junior Jaspers in 2022 via Google
      • - Definitely stay away from here!! Do not buy or rent a property through this broker unless you want to be heavily ripped off with all the problems that entails. My story: I went to live alone for the first time and my eye fell on a studio that offered Heylen real estate as a rental property. Asked them if everything was legal with the property before I signed the contract, Robbe Massant (the rental agent) claimed it was. I'll put my furniture there and change my address at the municipality. There they tell me that the studio is unlicensed and therefore cannot be rented out and that they can only register me temporarily at the address. As a result, I eventually had to move again and I am still waiting for the release of my rental deposit and I even had to hire a lawyer because this rental deposit is blocked on Korfine because the owner of the property did not agree with the peace court for the return from the security deposit because he wants me to pay for an account that doesn't have my name on it (but someone else's, someone who used to live there before I lived there). I also think that the many so-called 'positive' reviews are fake because these people have only posted 1 or 2 reviews and I cannot agree with their experience with Heylen Vastgoed.
    • kenny meuris in 2022 via Google
      • + Helped tremendously, in a very correct way. A very pleasant broker. (Femke) Everything went very smoothly. I am very satisfied with this way of working together.
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