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    • Nancy Degraaf in 2020 via Google
    • Gary Tresadern in 2020 via Google
      • - Very bad experience. In April 2019 we started a 9 year rental of an apartment via Dries, the Ares agent. WIthin 4 months the owner decided he wanted to move in. We had to leave at substantial personal cost and with a few months old baby daughter. We later found out the agent had modified the 2019 standard Belgian rental agreement removing clauses that limit the onwer's right to return to the apartment. At the time of renting we were reassured by Dries the owner was a person to be trusted. If that was the case, why would the agent have removed specific phrases from the typical legal Belgian rental agreement, very suspicious. Beware!
    • Marc Janssen in 2020 via Google
    • Maria Oostvogels in 2020 via Google
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