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    • Ádám Juhász in 2020 via Google
      • - Worst renting experience of our life.. We rent from them in Brussels. When we came to Belgium we were not aware of lots of things that these scammers took full advantage of. Their business is centered around scamming you regularly (or at least trying to) as extra "revenue". Agent Estelle will bring you in promising that all those stuff in the contract are just to be there, suggesting to start the contract 2 weeks later of the actual move in date for "easier calculations" just to have a better (for them) indexation value so u pay more each month after thr 1st year... Agent Alexandre is the one who will send you bills all the time about BS stuff (like charging u extra 150 eur for having keys...) and is unable to do simple math, but stranegly enough always errs in their favour... We had to fight to get the remote of the garage we paid for since day 1... Apparently its normal that in a brand new building you have to get out of the car to open the garage door while j&j has the remote. Also they have the gate code which we never got... Same with a 2nd set of keys for which we waited months while all along they had it and we are paying for the flat... They asked us if we want the initial state inspection done by an expert (paying) or just do it together (non paying). We chose to pay only to discover that Agent Alexandre was the "expert" establishing the proofs on which our liabilities will be based when we exit the rent... Not strange that he is definately in a conflict of interest on their side and is not an independent 3rd party... And we paid 130 eur plus later they tried to extract another 30 eur or so (a month after we transferred the agreed upon cost).. 1. Do NOT deal with them! 2. If you MUST deal with them read everything and DONT believe them ANYTHING. 3. Read a the bills and ask them the details as they just send u requests to pay smtg without the details (and waste ur time even if u catch then trying to defraud you) 4. Know the belgian laws, all the big and little details (like exact indexation rules) and everything, again, DONT believe them.. Now the boss will try to deflect this post, but he is all aware of all these stuff, we contacted him for most of these things, nothing happened.. Avoid them, you will thank me for this info, wish I knew this before signing with them... Edit: we rented and lived in the flat from October 17th, the contract only says otherwise because your agent requested it for the sake of "easier billing". Little we knew that this favour of ours we made in good faith will cost us 120 eur over 3 years... Yeah, i know you guys trying yo protect yourself with the "law", but it is also unlawful to misguide people and lie to them and abuse their lack of knowledge and their good faith when you asked for changes to the standard contract. Also it is unlawful to not provide what we are paying for from the beginning... And note that you did not address any of the other points, as you guys were/are trying to extract money from us constantly in various ways... Your business is simply a dishonest one, and i wish i read such a review before going forward with you... You guys are preying on people from different backgrounds to abuse their lack of experience, but looking through the comments we are not alone to find out your ways... P.S. I received no reply at all to a mail to you i sent 2 weeks ago..
    • Marie-Claude Jacobs in 2020 via Google
      • + J'ai fait appel aux services de J&J pour la location d'un bien. Le contact a été très agréable avec des professionnels souriants et investis par leur travail. Bon suivi du dossier, bonne disponibilité pour les futurs locataires qui se sont sentis épaulés dans leur diverses questions.
    • Lambert Snijders in 2019 via Google
      • + goed agentschap, zeer vlotte contacten, professioneel, aan te bevelen
    • Olivier van droogenbroeck in 2019 via Google
      • + superbe equipe trés sympa
    • isabelle braspennincx in 2019 via Google
      • + Très chouette expérience avec cette agence immobilière. Très bon contact avec Charlotte et John, beaucoup de tact et de respect de leur part lors de la visite de mon bien immobilier.
    • Danièle Grimonprez in 2019 via Google
      • + Mon mari et moi avons été pleinement satisfaits de notre collaboration avec Monsieur de Troyer et nous le remercions vivement pour toutes les qualités -disponibilité, amabilité, simplicité, compétence- qui font de lui un excellent agent immobilier et à qui nous souhaitons le meilleur pour la suite de ses activités professionnelles au sein de son agence qu'il gère avec ses collaborateurs qu'il tient en grande estime.
    • Patrick MDF in 2018 via Google
      • + Très bonne agence située sur Bruxelles. Le service est très professionnel tout en restant chaleureux et cordial. J'ai été impressionné par les outils marketing misent en oeuvre et par leur expertise en matière d'évaluation. Mon bien a été vendu en une semaine, sans conditions, pour un montant 15% supérieur à l'évaluation de deux autres agences concurrentes. Merci beaucoup à toute l'équipe!
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