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    • Jessica Street en 2018 via Google
      • - My company rented an apartment for me for 1 month with Home in Brussels. Originally I was excited as the photos of the apartment looked really nice. In reality, the apartment is OK but by no means as high quality as it would seem. I have the feeling that the company have put a lot of effort into aesthetics but not into quality. The apartment walls have lots if scuffs and scratches on them, the plug sockets are poorly fitted, the lighting is sometimes poor, they only give you one bin but you are supposed to separate all of your rubbish or risk being fined. There are lots of small things like that which lower the quality of the experience. Moreover the building I am in is currently suffering from a MICE INFESTATION! I saw the droppings and heard the mice scratching in the apartment. I informed the personnel by email and all that happened was that they sent the caretaker to take some photos of the evidence. My relocation consultat requested that they move me to a different apartment and they claimed that they were at full capacity in all properties, so I would have to stay in my mice ridden apartment. Then there is the taxi service which they provide for those who arrive via the airport. My flight was delayed, I informed them of my new arrival time and they forgot to collect me, made me wait 1 hour for the replacement taxi and then blamed me for the problems. The service is simply not worth the money.
    • Mansee Sharma en 2018 via Google
    • Dema Apps en 2018 via Google
      • - Awful customer service. Ask them to fix broken lights, apartment practically in the dark ... They won't react at all. Their Customer Service definition is that you owe them money for their bad service.
    • Daniele Riccucci en 2017 via Google
      • - I'm renting one of their apartments for work. The apartment is well located and clean. a the cleaning service is a bit unreliable though, especially regarding the specific day they come in. I'm also renting one of their parking spots and I've had a mixed experience with it: it's very close to the apartment (albeit not below it) but recently they changed the access method to it and no-one communicated it to me, moreover it seems that not even the managers were aware of this change. The apartment is poorly furnished and has some minor issues. Despite me highlighting them to the management for more than 3 months they haven't been fixed yet. In short I would say that the apartments are good but the company itself not so much. Prices are beyond absurd.
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