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    • Koen Verstappen in 2021 via Google
      Reviewed: Stef Proost - Geel
      • - The more I think about the approach by a certain employee of the real estate agency when selling a home, the more absurd I find it. There has never been a clear communication to us as potential buyers. When asked whether a "closed cover" would be used, we received the answer: no no certainly not, everyone can make a bid and the person with the highest bid then gets priority to make a bid last. We make a first bid and also the highest bid, but in retrospect we have not benefited at all from that. A second round was organized, we increase our bid, again first. It was never communicated to us that this would be a final offer or that it would suddenly be with a "closed cover". Although working with a closed cover should not be taken literally here. Simply sending an email to the real estate agency was apparently sufficient. The rule with closed-cover works is, however, quite clear. It is literally making a bid in a closed envelope and that may only be opened after the bidding period has expired. In this case, the broker knew perfectly which bids came in. Of course the broker says that the bids were never communicated to the other candidate buyers because then we are in the "public sale" box and that is not allowed by law. After a phone call with the "boss" of the real estate agency, we were told the following: well, you may have misunderstood. It's your word against my broker's word. Clear and honest communication would have been appropriate here.... In my opinion, a quick sale of a property is the broker's goal, quick sale, quickly receiving commission, so estimate the property as low as possible.... It gives me chills....
    • Annick Vangeel in 2021 via Google
      Reviewed: Stef Proost - Geel
      • - Too much to give information !!!
    • Kimberley Vanderbruggen in 2021 via Google
      Reviewed: Stef Proost - Geel
      • - I am not at all satisfied with this real estate agency and would also like to personally explain to the owners why. I also hope they will do something about this.
    • Dirk Verschaeren in 2020 via Google
      Reviewed: Stef Proost - Geel
      • - Called, emailed, received no answer, did not receive a callback. Not professional.
    • Wim Cuyvers in 2020 via Google
      Reviewed: Stef Proost - Geel
      • + Top real estate agency very correct and always friendly, they think along with the customer! Thank you for your efforts I am very happy
    • Patrick De Vuyst in 2020 via Google
      • + Very friendly and correct, with clear explanations
    • Ludo Willems in 2020 via Google
      • + Quietly beautiful
    • Karen Antonissen in 2019 via Google
      • + Stef Proost was the broker of my seller. Everything was dealt with quickly and properly. The real estate agent Stefanie was also always available by telephone and e-mail. I would definitely recommend them because of the clear communication and accessibility.
    • Bart Laenen in 2019 via Google
      • - Very poor follow-up by the file manager, no feedback, never spontaneously call after site visits, must always be behind them, promise a lot and do not live up to anything, tell a lot of lies, be threatened by 'manager' Vincent when I, as a customer, report that we find their service below par, do not contact potential buyers in time, ... contractual agreements are not honored ... forgot to show parts of our home to candidates ... in short, a big letdown!
    • Stephanie Moons in 2019 via Google
      • + My partner and I had been looking for our dream home for several years. In the end we consulted the professional advice of this office. They took extensive time to discuss our wishes. With their advice, we finally found a home that, with a few adjustments, became the perfect picture. Thank you for this!
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