Quality Vander Cruyssen - Nr 1 kwaliteitsmakelaar


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Quality Vander Cruyssen - Nr 1 kwaliteitsmakelaar

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    • Rita Michiels in 2024 via Google
      • + I had put up a paper FOR SALE myself and I had ten real estate agents come to the door. All for the sake of fooling around. Prices I've heard. In the end it made me laugh. They come twice, do some silly measuring work and then come away the second time with an estimate report like I'll have you. Perhaps you can't calculate it yourself on the spot? I said to one. It made him red. Many of those guys know the buttons and have to ask their desk. One of such a real estate group almost didn't want to leave my house. Things must be going badly in the business for people to improve like this, I thought. A few years ago I had already sold a house with Vandercruysse from Wetteren and that was very different. Decent people, no ridiculous appraisal reports that make no sense. To get rid of the misery, I called Mr. Vandercruyssen myself. They don't come to bother people. I met Wim and he is a very good person. He had a lot of points of comparison. No nonsense, but immediately correct pricing. Yes, Wim shouldn't ask at the office, like those other guys. Also a low honorarium if you compare what some dare to ask. My house was offered very well and was sold after two viewings. Even during the sale with Vandercruysse, another real estate agent came to knock on the door. Don't you be shy to come and bother the people like this! Der is walking around in the sector. Congratulations to team Vandercruysse from Wetteren, because you have done very well again. I told my friends too. For me there is no better office. Top!
    • Jef Foubert in 2024 via Google
      • + I chose this office on the recommendation of my notary, who apparently has been working with this office for many years. This office seems to me to be the most experienced office in the region and you immediately feel that. Very good estimate and smooth sale afterwards.
    • Lennert in 2024 via Google
      • + I compared all the offices and listed their conditions and this office stood head and shoulders above the others. My home was expertly appraised by the manager and subsequently sold within 3 weeks for the estimated value! Well done, congratulations
    • Hugo Van Steenbrugghe in 2024 via Google
      • + Professional team with Wim in the lead. After an extensive conversation with him and an enthusiastic Katrien, the necessary certificates were quickly requested and our building came online. After 1 week, Katrien was already able to organize a viewing day for the many potential buyers. A few days later we already had a buyer. Moreover, at a higher amount than the stated amount. All this between Christmas and New Year's Day!
    • Michiel Cornelis in 2024 via Google
      • + I entered an estimate comparator and immediately received a number of real estate agents at my door. To be crazier, actually a lot of blah blah without clear figures. This office correctly calculated the value and gave the clearest explanation. Smooth sales afterwards. Great Katrien! Worth repeating
    • Pieter from Dendermonde
      • + De medewerkers waren zeer vriendelijk en bleven steeds professioneel. Een zeer goede eerste ervaring, zeker een aanrader!
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