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    • dylan d. in 2024 via Google
      • + Since we want to write an honest review, we also mention the first (lesser) acquaintances. Had contact with a lady who was responsible for the sale of a house in Heusden. It soon became apparent that there was a lot of interest in the house, this was literally stated, so we did not get a proper opportunity to view the house. Afterwards we went to view a house in Wetteren after Jari left us a message that there was a visit available that day. And voila, 3 months later we have already moved into our new home. Jari has assisted us very well from day 1 and remained involved in everything that needed to be done. Jari was also always available if we had any questions. From the first meeting, Jari left a positive impression. Thank you for your cooperation!
    • Martine Verbestel in 2024 via Google
      • - Very disappointing our collaboration with Timothy. During 5 months he was not able to come and look at our house with ANY prospective buyer. The sales price??? The bad period?? It was not a problem in advance... enough candidates were said. I don't believe in any real estate agent anymore.
    • Matisse De Vreese in 2024 via Google
      • - They valued my house at 100k while I bought it for 600k. Bad company, don't go there.
    • Betty DL in 2024 via Google
      • + Very satisfied! After 6 months at another office with no results, Immozone Wetteren helped very correctly and friendly. The house was sold in just four weeks! Friendly, competent boss and ditto staff. Direct to the point, clear and fast finish! Really recommended! Thank you Kristof and Quinten for your work!
    • Robert Bajor in 2024 via Google
      • + We managed to rent a house. nice service and real people. Everything's all right. I recommend.
    • Nadine De Graeve in 2023 via Google
      • + We sold a house in Wetteren with the Immo zone team. After a few setbacks, our broker Jari continued to work with the necessary dose of enthusiasm, solution-orientedness and perseverance. It resulted in a warm and honest collaboration with the team, in particular with Jari and Kristof, for which we would like to thank them very much.
    • Hans Dewaele in 2023 via Google
      • + I can highly recommend the Wetters office of ImmoZone for the Wetteren region. After a comparative analysis between 10 offices, I ultimately chose ImmoZone with Quinten as a real estate agent. The office stands head and shoulders above the others because of their excellent market knowledge and impressive sales results in the region. This translated into a record quick sale of... one (1) day! It is a pleasure to work with Quinten and Kristof. They provide clear explanations and respond quickly to questions and comments. In my opinion, Immo Zone is the only recommendation for the Wetteren region.
    • Mahdi Babakhani in 2023 via Google
      • + After many quotes and consultations with various offices, I chose BV Invest. Mainly by their staff. Iris has helped me well since day 1, by telephone, email or face to face. I am not an easy person, because I run catering businesses myself and am head of Sales, but despite the fact that it was a difficult property (+ my character) to sell, Iris showed the necessary skills, patience and customer-friendliness. Our property was sold within 5 weeks. Was always available, not only sold us a house but also found our second home. You can really count on her and that is an enormous added value. I'm definitely glad I chose them. Great service!
    • M DM in 2023 via Google
      • - After months, the necessary permits and documents were still not available. Maybe partly because of the owner, but I didn't have the impression that the real estate agent really made much effort... Either you make an effort, or you just throw such a seller out (instead of wanting to cash in anyway). Too bad, months were lost.
    • Luka Galic in 2023 via Google
      • + A highly professional and reliable agency that tends to customers every need. Agents of B&V are very welcoming and friendly. I have had a privilege to corespond with agent Iris Emic who was very professional and willing to assist with a customers every need. Iris is therefore a huge asset to the a very good agency.
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