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    • Gottiline Kings in 2022 via Google
      • - After viewing the rental house, estate agent Charo lets us meet with the landlord. The conversation went well and it was therefore agreed to sign the contract next Tuesday. We were told that the rent and rental deposit had to be paid in advance (signed without a contract, never experienced before). The next day the rent for September was already paid and the rent deposit the day before signing. A few hours later we get a phone call that the landlord cancels because we paid "late". How can you pay late if everything is in order the day before signing. Never heard of this method, but come on, we went along with the requirements. Because there was a verbal agreement, we sent our cancellation letter early at our current home. Which translates to a 3 month fine on top of our 3 month cancellation. We saw no problem with this because the new home was closer to our work and family. But not this way. Have everything paid for and put people without a home within 3 months. Plus a fine of 3x 2850€. Because that is our current rent. In the meantime, the money has been in the landlord's account for 6 days and nothing has been refunded yet. 3 months deposit and not the first month's rent. Maybe ERA isn't their fault. But they were the ones who oblige us to pay before a contract is signed. Now we can beg a little to get our money back. Man man never again through you. Don't buy and certainly don't rent.
    • Gudenov Gudenov in 2022 via Google
      • + Renomar and specifically sarah from renomar have helped me tremendously! First of all, they have found my dream apartment, but the best thing is that they are always reachable and do everything to help you! For example, yesterday evening at 20:00 Sarah was able to prepare all documents for the sales compromise to make it meet my conditions!! Definitely the number 1 in real estate!! Big thanks Sarah!!!
    • Alex De Ceunynck in 2022 via Google
      • - The real estate agent let us know the day before the deed that he could not be there. As a result, the post-intervention file could not have been checked by our notary. He came to deliver it later, but we found out why this way. It was not okay at all Absolutely no cooperation with follow-up/problems. Their commission was in so they didn't bother anymore. Update: In the meantime, 2.5 years after we bought the house, the broker has handed in the post-intervention file. Positive that he still does this, but quite absurd that it took so long.
    • Greet De Ceulaer in 2021 via Google
      • + Thank you to Sarah Janssens. Sarah is an excellent real estate agent. Super sweet, friendly, spontaneous nothing to complain about !!! The sale went smoothly and Sarah reported back to the family every time. Thank you for that Sarah. I really had a good feeling working with Sarah. And would do it again in a heartbeat with ERA and Sarah of course!!! Thanks again for the great cooperation. Greetings, Greetings & family xxx.
    • Hilde Baetens in 2021 via Google
      • + "Buying a new home is a whole process and a big decision. A milestone in your life. Sarah's kind, understanding and helpful attitude pleasantly surprised me. Our communication was very smooth and clear and the information obtained was always correct, complete and honest. This gives confidence. In this way she managed the whole thing in a very pleasant and serene atmosphere. I am very grateful to her for this. This approach seems to me to be a great asset - and therefore an absolute must-compare to the usually very commercial way of working of competitors. Buyer house Nieuwstraat Herentals."
    • Barbara Fava in 2021 via Google
      • - The procedure to book a visit was smooth through the website. Saw two apartments there, booked in to visit, and both were cancelled last minute because “already rented”. If they have been rented the day before it means that people came to sign the papers days before. And plus, they didn’t offer any other solution. Just to look on their website. Yeah. And then? I’ll keep on trying to see houses to then seeing them being rented the same day of my visit? Not amused. Really.
    • Erwin Vervoort in 2021 via Google
      • - After already called 2x and sent an email because we were interested, never called back, finally got someone on the line 2 weeks later who told us that the house was already rented out, so you never get a chance, very unprofessional and certainly not customer friendly
    • Chloé Carta in 2021 via Google
      • - Rented out my parents-in-law's house. From the first contact, the potential tenant was clearly bad news. But this candidate was nevertheless chosen. 'For a 1 year lease' ... which turned out to be a 3 year contract as the real estate agent had not followed up on time and the owners had not sufficiently informed the conditions. The lease was eventually terminated by the tenant due to a breakup and the rent was not paid for months. Again, no real support or advice from the broker. The house was now more of a dump / storage place, but in handling this case there was only support from another real estate agency that would eventually sell the house. To the fact that the house would not be sold by Era, the real estate agent simply stated that he was 'not served by this and that he no longer wanted to intervene in the handling of the key handover and final check'. Very unprofessional response if you ask me ... Maybe find another job if you can't handle this?
    • Karel Schellekens in 2021 via Google
      • + The broker knows immediately what he is talking about, has helped us very well during the entire purchase process and provides clear information. Keep on doing!
    • Koen VdW in 2020 via Google
      • + Correct and smooth handling of the sale of our home! Thanks to all the team!
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