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    ERA is marktleider en daar zijn we trots op. Niemand doet meer transacties per dag. Maar vooral, niemand maakt meer Belgen tevreden door de verkoop of koop van hun woning. Met onze lokale kantoren mogen we gerust stellen dat geen enkele andere vastgoedonderneming de gevoeligheden en nuances van de lokale markt zo goed kent. En daar profiteren onze klanten van, want onze expertise van hun buurt zorgt voor een snellere verkoop aan de juiste prijs.

    We snappen als geen ander dat een huis een thuis is. Waar je leeft. Waar je opgroeit. Waar je geluk en rust vindt. Een huis is naast een verhaal van centen, nog meer een verhaal van mensen. Daarom stellen we steeds onze klanten centraal. Hun bekommernissen zijn onze bekommernissen. Expertise staat niet gelijk aan afstandelijk zijn. Efficiënt betekent niet stijf. Daadkracht betekent niet kilheid. Dat bewijzen we elke dag.

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    • Sasha Hoefnagels in 2023 via Google
      • + Lander has proven to be a real estate agent with excellent knowledge and expertise. His advice and guidance made all the difference in my search for the perfect home. I really appreciate his professionalism!
    • Tom Goddefroy in 2023 via Google
      • - Never experienced that, we have built twice and bought once... We choose to sell our house and respond to the financial market situation. Interest rates are rising again, investing becomes more interesting again and we started looking to rent. We had 1 condition. Not for 1 year... we also gave this to real estate agent L.L.... Everything seemed to go perfectly, we also had a conversation with the owner, which was super pleasant. We received great news, we could become the tenants... it's September... we had to pay €6600 as soon as possible... for a 3-year contract that would start on December 1st and where we would actually move around December 20th. Was also goodwill to the owner because the contact is super pleasant. The owner was not against us paying everything on 15/11, but we also understand that his commission has to be eliminated, so we suggested, and it was also the owner's proposal, to pay 1 month's rent in advance, so that his part would already have been paid . We receive a message that everything is ok again! But suddenly it was a 1 year contract instead of 3 years, it could change to 9 years after that first year. Side note, there was email traffic that I interpreted as derogatory and I stated that I no longer wished to work with this office due to my immature approach. Owner did what she could but L.L. must not have been pleased with my answer and he knew that we would not accept a 1-year contract, so the deal fell through. Really a shame for several parties and very unprofessional. The office will certainly be fine, but L.L. was well received by us, but we were 'only' potential tenants. Apparently buying is much easier for us to negotiate than renting. For the tenants who would rent the beautiful house in Vorselaar, congratulations, you have a super sweet landlady, one of gold value! Sorry for the tears, this was never our intention. Much respect for you!
    • Iselle De Beuckeleer in 2023 via Google
      Reviewed: ERA Renomar (Lier)
      • + Fatima guided me very well during the purchasing process of my first home. Professionalism with a personal touch: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Transparency: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Customer service: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Thank you!!
    • YouFubeification in 2022 via Google
      • - For me personally: Impersonal contact with the customer. Everything was paid and arranged months ago. Still received the rental contract back after those 3 weeks, not signed. So I had the same thing as the 'Gottiline Kings' review (also with the same broker). It's a shame that this happens more often. If there was no will in the building, no contact would have been made with ERA Renomar Herentals. Very dissatisfied with the working relationship with ERA. No positive point to mention. Outside the building, about this office. Need for change.
    • Ann Kennes in 2022 via Google
      • + Very satisfied with Era Renomar Herentals and our real estate agent Charo Van Eylen. You can't imagine a better real estate agent. Our house in Olen was sold within a week! She is great and deserves a ten. She was always there for us, answered our questions quickly and correctly, in short, a super real estate agent. Thank you to the entire Era team for the good guidance.
    • Alex De Ceunynck in 2022 via Google
      • - The real estate agent announced the day before the deed that he could not be there. The post-intervention file could therefore not be checked by our notary. He dropped it off later, but we noticed why this way. It was completely out of order Absolutely no cooperation with follow-up/problems. Their commission was in so they didn't bother anymore. Update: The real estate agent has now delivered the post-intervention file, 2.5 years after we bought the house. It's positive that he's still doing this, but it's quite absurd that it took so long to do so.
    • Barbara Fava in 2021 via Google
      • - The procedure to book a visit was smooth through the website. Saw two apartments there, booked in to visit, and both were cancelled last minute because “already rented”. If they have been rented the day before it means that people came to sign the papers days before. And plus, they didn’t offer any other solution. Just to look on their website. Yeah. And then? I’ll keep on trying to see houses to then seeing them being rented the same day of my visit? Not amused. Really.
    • Erwin Vervoort in 2021 via Google
      • - After calling twice and sending an email because we were interested, we never got a call back, but 2 weeks later we finally got someone on the phone who told us that the house was already rented, so of course you never get a chance, very unprofessional and certainly not customer friendly
    • tom van de velde in 2021 via Google
      Reviewed: ERA Renomar (Lier)
      • - In the meantime we have found a house. About 1.5 years ago we received a tour from Charlotte Hellemans. It started with I took you together with other people because I didn't have enough time (can happen). After a few questions it was very noticeable that Charlotte knew nothing about the building. I see ventilation grilles above the windows and ask if there is a ventilation system C to which Charlotte says yes. Afterwards in the Era brochure I see N/A under ventilation system. I ask Charlotte again that there was a ventilation system, to which she answers that there is ventilation in the toilet. I ask her whether the building with the corrugated iron roof behind the house is a business or what it is. She says she has to check that out. Later, when I enter a Velux and look out the window, I see garage boxes. Then I think you should have known this. Between the street and the driveway of the house there was private property on which I ask whether there is an easement. Charlotte needs to check this again. This is an important one because if it is not there, you will have no access to your driveway and you can only access the house via a walking path. It was a renovation to which we ask the question what remained and what was renewed. Charlotte again could not answer this. Is it still important to know what has been updated? @ERA It is about Hooglan 16 sint katelijne waver What was very clean was the brochure
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