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    ERA is marktleider en daar zijn we trots op. Niemand doet meer transacties per dag. Maar vooral, niemand maakt meer Belgen tevreden door de verkoop of koop van hun woning. Met onze lokale kantoren mogen we gerust stellen dat geen enkele andere vastgoedonderneming de gevoeligheden en nuances van de lokale markt zo goed kent. En daar profiteren onze klanten van, want onze expertise van hun buurt zorgt voor een snellere verkoop aan de juiste prijs.

    We snappen als geen ander dat een huis een thuis is. Waar je leeft. Waar je opgroeit. Waar je geluk en rust vindt. Een huis is naast een verhaal van centen, nog meer een verhaal van mensen. Daarom stellen we steeds onze klanten centraal. Hun bekommernissen zijn onze bekommernissen. Expertise staat niet gelijk aan afstandelijk zijn. Efficiënt betekent niet stijf. Daadkracht betekent niet kilheid. Dat bewijzen we elke dag.

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    • Sonja Wyns in 2024 via Google
      • + Era Janssens and Janssens "walks the extra mile" Due to the death of my sister, her house was put up for sale in Molenbeek Wersbeek. Since we were not familiar with the region, we did some research on the internet and ended up at Era Janssens and Janssens. They were the best known in the region with a high sales ratio. It turned out to be a bull's eye. From the first contact, communication and follow-up to the signing at the notary. The guidance from Era Janssens and Janssens was top notch from A to Z! Her house was sold in 27 days. It must be said that Era Janssen and Janssens do not only limit themselves to the administrative and technical aspects of the file, but also focus on having the right people in the right place. We confidently leave my sister's house to fantastic people who fit perfectly into the environment. They will make this house their own 'home', create their own memories and write their own story. This extra fact means that Era Janssens and Janssens can place themselves far above any other real estate agent. We have said goodbye, but this is also a new beginning and we wish the new owners the best of luck!
    • Hasan Celik in 2023 via Google
      • - Hi, We had an appointment to visit a house located at Koestraat 16, Scherpenheuvel on the 17th of August 2023 at 4p.m. confirmed by Era Jansens&Jansens. At 4:01 p.m., the door of the house was open and I stepped in after knocking the door. Just after getting inside (my wife was still at the outside because I was waiting at the gate), the agent of Era Jansens&Jansens, Yannick Minet, came through the door and with a rude and impolite manner, ordered us to wait outside and he pointed the backyard of the house by adding that we may look at the back side of the house. Then he locked the door. We went to the back side of the house and looked around with my wife. We remarked that he was with other visitors inside the house but he was talking to them with a smile on his face and a polite body language. After turning back to the front door, a few minutes later he came and opened the door and he said we may come in and visit the house now. While entering I told him that we will visit the house but change your body language and your talking because you are very rude and impolite. He replied that we can not enter until he let us in but I reminded him that our appointment is fixed for 4p.m and it is our time which is confirmed by your company. If the previous visitor has not finished, you may ask us a favor to wait a bit more by explaining the situation. We can understand it and wait of course. Then he started to talk louder with an angry manner and I asked him to calm down but he replied, he will not calm down and he knows his rights. And then, he added "if you are not interested with the house, you can go home" I replied him "it is not your property and you are the agent of the company who intermediates to sell it. You can not talk like this" After that arguement, my wife told "forget about the house and let us go" I asked his businesscard and told him that "this experience will be reported to your company" He said "yes do it, you can report" Then we went to the office of Era Jansens&Jansens and after waiting a bit we explained it to an administrator in the office. Due to his program, he listened us shortly, mentioned that it was a fully charged day and maybe because of that reason it has happened. Then he expressed his apologies but added that he has to go. He said that, we may call him on phone and keep talking while he is driving. I have visited more than 50 houses and deal with many agents but never been treated by such a rude and impolite manner like this. I know ERA Real Estate company as one of the serious immo agencies in #Belgium and I am very upset because of the above explained bad experience. I would like to be informed about the reactions of ERA Real Estate for this issue. Regards...
    • Ben Willems in 2023 via Google
      • + Very satisfied with the approach, communication and completion of the file for the sale of the parental home. Top team, highly recommended.
    • marc scheys-thys in 2023 via Google
      • + Very good explanation. Very friendly treatment Very good follow-up Top desk
    • Sylvia Debije in 2022 via Google
      • + A real estate agent who is involved from start to finish, is correct and keeps in touch! They deliver what they promise and then some. Human, no-nonsense approach where the focus is not just on the numbers! We really felt heard and understood. Thanks to the feedback and help received, I was able to present the house in the best possible way without any fuss. Honest and correct real estate agent that we definitely recommend! With sincere gratitude,..
    • Anja De Rijck in 2022 via Google
      • + Dear Koen & team, We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the smooth and correct cooperation. We are very satisfied with the quality and the way the entire process went. Thank you in advance! Bart & Anja Rillaar
    • hans serneels in 2021 via Google
      • + We immediately had a good feeling about this from the start of the sale. Very professional team. No question or effort is too much for them. Very correct handling. They are more than worth trusting. We can only be very grateful for their approach. Also a very smooth sale.
    • Brontë Goedhuys in 2021 via Google
      • + We have had a great collaboration several times. Fast and correct sales this time too! All professional people.
    • annie tuerlinckx in 2021 via Google
      • + Smooth handling of file and sale of home. Friendly team, everything was followed up by them at short notice.
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