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    • Dhiraj Taori in 2023 via Google
      • + Mr David has been very cooperative. He has shown me quite a few properties, he mainly operates out of EU districts and has range of properties of one's interest. I'm sure I can rely on him.
    • Jamil Khalafov in 2023 via Google
      • + Have been a client of the agency for last 4 years! David has been great and always showed his professionalism! We got amazing deals done! Totally reccommend.
    • Philip Chennery in 2023 via Google
      • + Extremely professional service made even more pleasant by the very polite and helpful comportment of the agent. Out of my many experiences with real estate agencies, Sky Realty stood out as very sincere. I would very highly recommend their service.
    • Nicola Di Flora in 2023 via Google
      • + That was a very fast experience with David. Very efficient and was able to find the house I have always dreamt of. He is very available and has a lot of patience (I was very demanding and asked a second appointment just to be sure) He is quite well known in the field since even my colleague, which instead is renting houses, decided to go to him. He is not charging anything to his clients looking for a home (It’s not that granted if you come from places such as Italy, Spain or Portugal). BTW: I was looking for a house since February and lived in airbnbs until now. He literally saved me with a very nice house! Nick
    • Daria Gillet in 2023 via Google
      • - My experience with David Teuwis, the owner of the apartment I rented, was nothing short of a nightmare. It was horrible. The apartment depicted on the website was nothing like what was promised to me. Despite the apartment being unfurnished, Mr. Teuwis urged me to pay a deposit. It was only upon arrival that I discovered the apartment was in complete disarray, with no furniture or appliances. I had to spend hours drafting a list of essential furniture, including A BED, cutlery, and a table, which should have been present from the start. The apartment was also disgustingly filthy, with dust and debris everywhere, and the kitchen floor was so dirty that I couldn't even walk on it without shoes. To make matters worse, Mr. Teuwis made me wait outside for twelve hours until he could build the bed, and even then, it was still unfinished when we returned at 9 pm. He didn't seem to care about my time and insisted that he had other things to do. Mr. Teuwis displayed an arrogant and unprofessional attitude towards me throughout my tenancy. He was reluctant to provide me with essential appliances and furnishings such as a dresser, microwave, and vacuum, which I had to wait weeks for. Despite claiming there would be a washing machine, there was none, and it took over a month for him to find someone to install one. Mr. Teuwis constantly bombarded me with text messages, and phone calls. He arranged maintenance appointments at his convenience, not mine, including a washing machine installation scheduled for 7 am on a Monday. He ignored my concerns and did what was best for him, even calling me several times during work hours or at night, which was inappropriate and intrusive. All of this made me feel incredibly uncomfortable and even scared, especially since Mr. Teuwis lived next door and has keys to my rented apartment. Given his behavior, he could enter my apartment at any time, which really scares me seeing his erratic and impulsive behaviour. I would not recommend renting from Mr Teuwis. His unprofessionalism and lack of concern for his tenants make him a difficult landlord to deal with. If you are looking for an stress-free living situation, I suggest you look elsewhere. It is not worth the money. Below I have attached some pictures of the apartment that was taken at 9pm as I had spend 12 hours outside, and came back to this disaster. However, I have to point out, that now that the apartment is finally fully furnished after 6 weeks, I really love the place, and I wished that I did not had to endure the amount of anxiety and stress that I had to suffer just because of the disorganisation of David Teuwis. He also is being rally aggressive in any communication we have with him, showing a lack of professionalism.
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