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    Maisons Compère ne se contente pas de construire de simples habitations mais s’engage à bâtir des constructions capables de bien vieillir dans le temps. Nos constructions durables enrichiront votre patrimoine familial et à long terme, pourront être transmises à vos enfants.

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    • Francoise Gerard in 2023 via Google
      • - The best company of all time that exists, They are of very good faith and respect customers like I have never seen, the administrators are more than "high potential". Try your luck!! Choose them as your partner for the construction of your house, you will not be disappointed. ;- ;- ;-
    • Thibault Mathieu in 2023 via Google
      • - EDIT of comments (Given the threats :-) David against Goliath. I express myself with complete sincerity regarding my experience with your company. My comments are based on facts. I have no intention of defaming your company, but simply sharing my feelings and concerns. I find it regrettable that you interpret my comments in this way. Instead of trying to intimidate me with legal threats, I invite you to consider my concerns. Numerous email exchanges confirm these remarks. I am open to constructive discussions to resolve issues we encountered during our project. If you prefer to engage in constructive dialogue rather than threaten litigation, I am willing to work together to find solutions. Give me your number and name and I will contact you.
    • Cyrille in 2023 via Google
      • + We took delivery of our house a few months ago and we are satisfied overall with our house after reflection and in comparison with the finishes with other houses. The price will always be the cheapest than other manufacturers, it is inevitable you can search for a long time to find cheaper. Of course the price will vary according to your desires like everywhere. After you have decided to build it is of course less easy than making a simple purchase but the added value is there! Our next project will always be with them without thinking just for the price.
    • J L in 2023 via Google
      • + I called on the company Maisons Compère for the construction of my future house. I am very satisfied with the house plan that was proposed and I was able to make a few small modifications. Subsequently, the trades began to build my house to a very good quality and to measure. We know the house's budget in advance and I didn't have any surprises. Recommended as a turnkey construction company
    • Aich Akd in 2023 via Google
      • - Quality 0/10 Price: extras more or less €30,000 Not professional: also their subcontractors Delay, no tracking, wrong way. Unfortunately the mistake of my life was working with a friend. The majority of positive reviews are surely from them Because he threatens their customer when they give bad reviews
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