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    Durabrik is niet zomaar een sleutel-op-de-deur bouwbedrijf. Dankzij Durabrik bouw je je thuis, zonder de klassieke stress van een werf. Je kan voor je nieuwe thuis terecht bij Durabrik voor zowel nieuwbouwwoningen als appartementen. Met meer dan 48 jaar ervaring is Durabrik een zekerheid.

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    • Claire Maréchal in 2022 via Google
      • - We bought a house in the Destelbergen project. It was a very bad experience for us: - The workmanship is very poor. Putty is wavy and with very many pits. Nothing was done about this despite repeated insistence. Recently people came to visit for the first time. The first thing they noticed is how bad the putty is. Also good for us... In addition, the facing brick is partly placed inverted (!) with the back to the front, so that many ugly yellow spots are visible. Solution: some retouching (not done right, by the way). - We really had to notice everything ourselves, even the larger defects (such as a floor that is poured too low / not level and a shower in the wrong place). The only 'defect' noticed by the (new) site manager was a missing shower tap. All the rest was for us to 'discover'. It is really necessary to follow up yourself, but just to not have to do this, we build SOD. - The first time we saw the site manager Noel, he started yelling loudly at us. He denied that the facing brick was placed incorrectly and said the stains 'belonged to the brick'. Only after we contacted the manufacturer ourselves, it turned out that it was indeed placed incorrectly. Durabrik's first reaction to problems is always trying to deny. Calling out to two new customers, who were not shouting themselves but were mainly impressed, is just really not done. It was so bad that I never dared to go with my husband on a site visit. - Two hours of interior advice is not worthy of the name. They did not think along thoroughly and many opportunities to furnish the house better were missed (which someone who does that professionally should have pointed out). - We asked for four seasonal glasses at the very start of the process and this was possible at an additional cost. The quote took weeks to come and we got in touch ourselves. We then received a call from Soetkin that Durabrik no longer installs four-season glass. We pushed hard for this at the time, but it was absolutely not possible. Later we speak to our neighbors and we hear that they have four seasons glass. Turns out Soetkin forgot to order the four season glass and then decided with Noel to say they couldn't order it anymore. The after-sales service was also in CC. Too bad it seems like a better route for a company to lie to a customer instead of admitting a mistake. - A lot was damaged after installation: parquet, framework, glass itself, stones... Not only was a lot damaged during installation itself, there was also a lot of damage by other workers. More care should be taken to ensure that the site is handled with care. - We find dirt in the ground or in wells (eg a bucket of lime that has simply been poured onto the ground, used grinding wheels in the soil of the garden - nice for our children, cigarette butts in the cistern, stabilized in the septic tank... .). In addition, there were also several blood spots from 'the cleaning crew' on the untreated wooden stairs. Even after delivery, we have to be busy cleaning up dirt from people who come to finish things. - Workers who come appear to be selected solely on the basis of price. The result is a house built by all people who are the cheapest in their sector. - Even after completions, the problems continue to arise: this week a piece of the door came loose and the front door/window was damaged when installing crepi. We are afraid of the coming months and the discoveries we will make. Are there also positive things? Little, but: - The new site manager Stijn really does his best, looks for solutions and is very accessible. - The defects that exist now, including those that appear after delivery, will (for the time being) be followed up.
    • Jarno Devuyst in 2022 via Google
      • - Nice start to the building process. Once the construction phase was completed, it became a disaster. We had to endure a lot from Durabrik: a shouting project leader, reactions such as "You just have to learn to live with the mistakes of our project manager." customer, ... . As icing on the cake, Durabrik wanted to deliver our house without an active kitchen (no extractor hood, no working built-in appliances), a semi-finished bathroom (temporary sink, built-in taps that were not installed) and without electricity on the top floor. Communication and customer-friendly at this company leave a lot to be desired. If you as a customer are not on your line, you will be taken advantage of. Definitely not recommended to work with Durabrik. Even if you address them about their responsibility, they do not adjust their way of working. Now 2 weeks after delivery, the above things keep repeating themselves.
    • Didier Blokland in 2022 via Google
      • - Working with Durabrik was no pleasure: mediocre workmanship, extremely slow and poor communication, incorrect invoices and a total lack of customer focus. Appease, poultice and keep wet; that is Durabrik's strategy. You only get what you are entitled to as a customer by putting a lot of pressure and following everything yourself. Subcontractors are clearly only selected on financial criteria and not on skills (eg electrician is a downright disgrace). To this day, weeks after completion, we have an unfinished bathroom and more than 25 points are still open. Not recommended.
    • Benjamin E in 2020 via Google
      • + Nice office, modern and new.
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