XL vastgoed & wooncomfort


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XL vastgoed & wooncomfort

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    •  Heidestraat 84, 2460 Lichtaart, Kasterlee
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    • Anoniem in 2023 via Google
      • - Had viewings a while ago and it was not clear how many people would come to view. During the viewing we were given a half-hour slot, but Yoran Lewis made it so chaotic by letting people who arrived too early through the door, which made me and others feel overwhelmed. Yoran did not have good communication skills (constantly stuttering when answering difficult questions), and was answered to simple questions with: “I have to find out for you”. If this pipo is not fired, I will do it myself as a civil servant in collaboration with my lawyer to at least show him that he is performing his job inadequately. Finally, I found a beautiful rental home with a real estate agent who was very friendly and full of knowledge. In any case, I would have felt terribly ashamed if I were Yoran, because of my inability to have a normal conversation. Tip to Yoran: take a few courses? That is at least a necessity. Something that your family (if you have one, and if not, I'm not surprised) can reap the benefits of it. Greetings, an old candidate hoping not to see you in person :)
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