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    Wij doen reeds meer dan 25 jaar, verkoop, verhuur, schattingen, en verkavelingen tot grote tevreden heid van onze bestaande klanten. Door onze speciale verkoopmethode garanderen wij U de beste prijs voor uw eigendom. Door de grote vraag zijn wij opzoek naar:
    Rijwoning met tuin 2/3 slpks. Bouwgrond voor open en halfopen bebouwing min. 350m². Villa met 2/3 slpks in omgeving (15 km) Mechelen. Bel voor vrijblijvende afspraak op 015 20 15 60 of 0475 61 54 22

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    • Hugues Heirman in 2022 via Google
      • + Patrick is a very friendly correct professional broker who does not bother to look up additional information. I am an extremely satisfied buyer and was very satisfied with his services!
    • dirk sips in 2022 via Google
      • + Completely professional and knowledgeable. We are very satisfied with this office with a lot of experience and expertise. I would definitely recommend Immoview home care.
    • Inoti Bruneel in 2021 via Google
      • - Arrogance of the highest class. Does not adapt to the customer at all. Only 1 visit is possible. their visiting moment and if it doesn't fit that's your problem. When you come to see the house, it is inside and out, with little information or without a decent tour. Bad price to housing ratio. You pay way too much for a house that is not in order. Reply to your comment below dear Patrick. 1. If you're going to pass on my name to your colleagues, you'll have to get it right first. With that my comment that you are not really customer friendly and then there are a few more points. But I'm going to spare you that. 2. I slammed my phone shut for not letting my shit out. 3. If you think I'm ever going to want to rent something from you or have a connection with your office, I'm going to have to gain some more human knowledge. In the meantime I have a place to live. Thank you kindly for your bad services.
    • Alexandra Nicu in 2020 via Google
      • - This agency is discriminatory, without even letting me say for which property I am interested I was told that the owner wants only people that speak Dutch
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