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    Bienvenue chez Wadimo, votre courtier en Prêts hypothécaires et Assurances.

    Quels que soient vos besoins, Wadimo, c'est VOTRE SOLUTION!

    Vous avez bien lu, c'est VOTRE solution, pas celle qui arrangerait le mieux une grande compagnie bancaire ou d'assurances. Nous agissons en toute indépendance, nous ne représentons qu'une seule personne, VOUS. Nous ne rendons des comptes qu'à une seule personne, VOUS.

    Parmi toutes les offres disponibles sur le marché, nous sommes là pour trouver la solution qui vous permettra d'atteindre votre objectif, même si d'autres vous ont abandonné en chemin!

    Quelque soit votre demande, nous nous déplaçons gratuitement, sans engagement et à l'heure qui vous convient, y compris le soir et le samedi.

    Ne cherchez plus! Wadimo, c'est VOTRE solution!

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    • Esmé S. in 2022 via Google
      • - We went to the agency on a fixed appointment where we listened to the beautiful words and the long list of things achieved and met by the director. It lasted 3 hours where we were still able to give our search criteria which took in all and for all an hour, to be broad. At the end of our meeting, he told us to wait a month and a half to do the research. We waited for this period or even exceeded it because after 1 month and 3 weeks, we phoned the agency where we had been put on the “forgotten” box. As a result, the director asks us to contact him again 10 days later. As usual, we contact him 2 weeks later. Mr. replies that he is busy with customers and asks us if he can contact us the next day around 9am. Our answer is yes. The next day, no news of this gentleman, of this agency. We find it inappropriate to let people wait for weeks when it is a time-consuming project and every week spent looking for a property can change a lot of things. I do not recommend this agency because apart from the nice words and the beautiful "palmares" of the director during his professional career, there is no consideration for potential future buyers. That's a shame.
    • Adri Galletti in 2021 via Google
      • - Request was made for a loan whose response was supposed to have arrived in 10 days. Days pass, and no response. A few weeks later, the agency informed us that there had been a problem with the expertise, and told us that it would come back to us. After several calls made (because the agency does not give any news, if we do not take the trouble to join them) the situation remains at the same point and the two parties remain on the position. In conclusion, quite disappointed with the agency, if we do not take the steps ourselves, nothing progresses and we receive no news. To have such a service, you might as well have nothing.
    • Flo Godart in 2020 via Google
      • + Wadimo allowed us to have our loan in 2012, and thanks to their professionalism the banks agreed to finance us! Without them we might still be renting. The manager has his heart on his sleeve and would give his shirt to whoever needed it. I recommend 100%
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