Schmidt Immo - Etterbeek


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Schmidt Immo - Etterbeek

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    • Gintare Skruodyte in 2024 via Google
      • + Very good for different types of shopping. It has a lot of things. Very good to go with friends. Very nice and fun.
    • DROOF in 2024 via Google
      • - You have a typical shopping centre "mall" set-up if you're coming from Asia, with decent amount of clothing stores and restaurants but without recreational/entertainment area (no cinemas or gaming zone). 💯 A rundown supermarket 🛒 with limited fresh produce and product selections located at the ground floor (near entrance/exit). We need a one-stop-shop shopping centre and by far, the only shopping centre in Brussels. 🚀
    • Jordan Karamalakov in 2024 via Google
      • + This is not a typical mall as it is developed mainly at one floor. Only few shops and the food corner are located downstairs. So, long walk and looking left and right. Probably all popular brands are presented. Good to be there if it is rainy - direct access from metro station, large space to walk and several places to eat whatever you want.
    • Jad Badran in 2023 via Google
      • + Very cute and lovely shopping mall in woluwe saint Lambert. The place is very well known amongst locals from all age ramges ! Everyone can find things to do here and shops that interest them ! The mall has a very large paid car parking 👍🏻 it is also very well connected via public transport 👌🏻 so it’s quite easily accessible. The place is clean, well lit and greenery make the place look cosier. It can get really busy during rainy days !
    • Vasily Dmitrievsky in 2023 via Google
      • + This is a good place to spend couple of hours on a rainy day. It has a viriety of cafes and many stores. Even though Wi-Fi is not available, you still can have a good time walking around and seeing all kinds of things in the stores. The Shopping Center has a place where you can charge your phone or computer, but you need to bring your own wire or powr adaptor.
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