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    Ring Consult werd opgericht in mei 2013 en ondanks dit prille bestaan, is het reeds een gevestigde waarde in Vilvoorde en omstreken. Beide zaakvoerders hebben samen meer dan 10jaar ervaring in de vastgoedsector en onderscheiden zich van andere kantoren door hun persoonlijke service.
    Bij Ring Consult wordt immers zowel actief gezocht naar potentiële woningen voor kopende klanten, als naar geschikte kandidaten voor de woningen in portefeuille. Zo slagen zij er in een service te bieden waar alle partijen mee gebaat zijn.
    Naast hun kennis van de markt zullen hun persoonlijke aanpak en werkwijze er toe bijdragen het voor u gepaste resultaat te bereiken. Met hun frisse, jonge kijk op de vastgoedmarkt kunnen zij u ongetwijfeld overtuigen!

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    • Luk Vanhaute in 2021 via Google
      • + Before our loft in Vilvoorde was put up for sale, we received professional guidance with regard to all formalities necessary for its sale. Loi van Ring Consult's excellent communication and accessibility made it easy for us, as owner-seller, to cooperate in collecting the requested data. A buyer was found within one week of the publication of the sale; the sale was closed at 97% of the asking price, reflecting a good estimate of its market value.
    • Tasina Quivreux in 2021 via Google
      • + Very good service! Very friendly staff. Free estimate to sell my mom's house. First offer was quite low, advised me to wait a little longer. The right decision; a higher offer was made. Everything was handled quickly and correctly. When moving we were allowed to use the FREE MOVING CAMIONETTE. I can only recommend this real estate agency!
    • Nab Bkh in 2021 via Google
      • - Beware of the information given, dig ... don't trust the nice real estate agent to tell you about all the things you need to know ... ok, the purpose of a real estate agent is to sell but still a little ethics! We trusted: "no work to be done in the condominium ..." whereas if ...
    • kitty hellebaut in 2021 via Google
      • - My stepfather has to move out of his current apartment (block has been sold) and has until 10/6 to move. Both my stepfather and myself had seen properties at this real estate agency .... first responded both via immoweb and via site real estate agent itself. you will receive a standard automatic mail back: "Thank you for your interest in the property below. We have received your request. There is a chance that there are many requests for this building and that the next visit time is already full. We will notify you as soon as new visits are scheduled. However, we will not be able to allow everyone to visit and / or there is a chance that the property will already be sold or rented, without you having had the opportunity to visit. Our apologies for that. Thanks in advance for your understandings, Team Ring Consult " if you are very lucky, you will get an email back from them, like my stepfather: Dear Sir and / or Madam, We have the pleasure to provide you with the requested information in attachment " but then it comes: "Unfortunately it was recently rented out. If you give us more information about your search criteria, we would like to keep you informed of new offers in the future. In order to offer you the best possible service, we may ask you to contact us if your search criteria evolve or become more precise. Yours sincerely, Willems Nancy " what are we with the attachment with requested info if there is a line further unfortunately it was recently rented ... and they still write we have the fun ... By telephone they have also tried to contact stepfather ... unfortunately peanut butter, then no one will not answer ... nevertheless, it is thinking of not responding anymore to properties of their ... regrettable.
    • henkibilal 02 in 2019 via Google
      • - Crooks.
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