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Patribel Vastgoed

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    • Maiko Van den Eynde in 2023 via Google
      • - several questions and problems reported over the past year. simply don't respond. next meeting proposal for change of syndic
    • KRISTEL STUER in 2023 via Google
      • + Very satisfied with this syndic. Financial follow-up is done correctly and on time, quotes are requested and discussed for major works, urgent matters are handled as quickly as possible. There is always time between general meetings to discuss specific issues and at AGMs there is expert support to plan long-term initiatives. Everything is done with respect for the diversity of the building's residents. The friendliness of the employees should also be mentioned. If something goes wrong, it is corrected fairly quickly.
    • Veronique Van der Meiren in 2023 via Google
      • + Patribel Vastgoed has been our syndic for more than 5 years. Major projects have been completed during this period, including: facade renovation, electricity renovation, roof terrace renovation, fireplace renovation, boiler room renovation, etc. The collaboration runs smoothly and there is good consultation between the board of directors and the syndic. The syndic works with reliable suppliers, but is also open to proposals from the board of directors. Equally important in the whole story is that there must be strong involvement of the residents in order to achieve optimal results. In short, we are satisfied with the services of Patribel Vastgoed!!
    • Veronique Allard in 2023 via Google
      • - We left Antwerp unanimously with the entire VME at the time because the collaboration was abysmal. Even intimidation and threats from Mr. Van Espen. We were often encouraged to put incorrect matters on paper during a meeting, but due to the alert position of some residents, we did not allow ourselves to be caught out. Glad that chapter is over. Look before you start doing business with these cowboys. Pay to solve problems, yes, but please don't pay to have them created.
    • Gerda Vanderbeck in 2022 via Google
      • - Stay away from there!! very opaque accounting and always in their favor! criminal practices... It's strange that you can respond to a review and otherwise you can never be reached. I do not need your report on what you have or have not done regarding the sale of our apartment. You charge extortionate rates compared to other syndic agencies, you are very unfriendly when we hear from someone and you have very opaque accounting. And this is confirmed by the professional parties involved in our sale.
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