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    • Peter Penders in 2023 via Google
      • + We have years of experience with Orange Real Estate, both with rental and sales. Our cendikus for years. We give a 10 out of 10 for the whole thing.
    • Sjoerd Slootmaekers in 2023 via Google
      • - They are very friendly if you want to buy or rent something, but if something turns out to be wrong afterwards, there is no follow-up, unfriendly approach and antisocial behavior. A Good Real Estate agency should check whether they are selling something with defects or not. So here's a worthless real estate office!!
    • Karolina Bogdanowicz in 2023 via Google
      • - The collaboration with Oranje only looks good in the beginning, until the contract is signed, as long as they can count on some profit. Orange rented me an apartment with mold on the walls, which they informed us about when handing over the keys. We have been fighting against mold and fungus for 2 years, in the meantime I was pregnant and had a child, the whole family feels the consequences of living in a damp hole. We finally said enough is enough and we are moving. contact with the Orange office was renewed, but only to take new photos of the apartment and rent it to other naive people. Before we signed the lease, we assessed whether we were suitable to occupy the apartment. we always pay on time and in return we live in a mold
    • Michel Veekmans in 2023 via Google
      • + Had a very helpful conversation with the syndic. Top. 👍 2023-11-07 Now 2 months later I had another (more extensive) on-site conversation with the manager. I have therefore increased my stars to 5. I normally never do this, but the way people work and think there really deserves it. Excellent knowledge of the legal options. Very structured and thoughtful and timely approach to even difficult matters. Being a syndic is really not easy, but the way they approach it there... congratulations! People you can count on and who go all the way is something that is greatly appreciated. Doing a job is OK, but doing a job with real commitment and not giving up: you dare to go to war with those people because you know that you will not get stuck for a single moment. I had to laugh on the way out when she told me: I'm not going for a 4 as a rating, I'm going for a 5... it just has to be good. I immediately recognized myself: you do things to really get the best out of it despite everything and you are more likely to be dissatisfied. It is not only for yourself but also for the people who depend on your services. This applies to every profession. Without discussion or any advantage for me: exceptionally great. I just hope that we can go there one day when there is some space again. (I'm going to take eggs to the Poor Clares; apparently that helped in the past 😂 ). Thank you for your kindness and willingness to listen to me and give advice on the problems I was having!
    • jean-pierre from Vucht sold in 2021
      • + Zeer tevreden over het hele team van Orange Immo. Al de gemaakte afspraken zijn stipt en professioneel verlopen waardoor het aangenaam werken was bij de verkoop van ons huis. Dikke dankjewel aan alle medewerkers voor en achter de schermen.
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