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    • BEN “Benzouille” in 2024 via Google
      • - Given the head of a certain document that we were asked to sign, I have serious doubts about the professionalism of this agency. A real rag.
    • Geoffrey Havelange in 2024 via Google
      • + My experience with this real estate agency was generally satisfactory. The real estate agent who followed my file was Marie Draux. She demonstrated professional skills in handling my file (very fast response time, took the time to answer my questions, very polite, ect). Overall, a decent agency with competent service.
    • Martin Dubucq in 2023 via Google
      • + I had a very good experience with this agency. They are very attentive and give very good advice. I highly recommend this agency, in particular Marie Draux who took care of my entire file with professionalism!
    • Max Dombret in 2023 via Google
      • - First rental through an agency and surely the last. Numerous inconveniences during the rental starting from the inventory of fixtures that we pay dearly for in the end having to add photo proofs / additional documentation ourselves (which was self-evident because they are sighted). Also, unfinished work on arrival in the apartment and late deadline to have it fully functional and have a certain comfort (bell, intercom, bedroom door). Apparent black rot on the walls of my room due to humidity concerns, the agency manager took his time to fix the problem once again. Reduced availability at ridiculous hours and almost impossible reachability, the only solution is sending an email. Big problems with the sanitary facilities which recurred several times flooding the entire corridor which also took 1 month to be "repaired", no compensation.. Until our request to terminate the lease to leave this place as quickly as possible given how slowly the problems were resolved! Here too, no compensation provided for all the problems encountered as well as an exit inventory with bad faith pushed to its climax on the part of the owner and the manager of the agency who seems to take advantage of it ! In short, avoid!
    • Valentin in 2023 via Google
      • - The boss of the agency charges an unsatisfactory inventory that we had to redo when we entered (the balcony filled with pigeon droppings turns into "a few pigeon droppings on the balcony" in the inventory, nonsense), only intervenes when there is a big problem or legal threats. Eight months passed without a working doorbell, he only had it repaired when we were going to leave the apartment for future visits. We literally had leaks from our upstairs neighbors coming up through our toilet and dripping down the walls. No compensation of any kind, even after losing electricity due to leaks in the electrical system. Only gesture, Mr. arranged with the owner, his friend, during an interview, to let us leave the apartment 3 months after the interview without paying the month of compensation which is normally required for a breakup advance notice of the lease contract. A great minimum for an apartment which has been unsanitary for a total period of almost a month - I am not talking to you about the psychological impact of having to sleep 10 m from a puddle of stagnant water containing your neighbor's defections which are flowing back their smell in the apartment. Mr. doesn't "feel anything" when he enters the apartment after this episode, even though the flooring has absorbed the water mixed with the defections of our neighbors upstairs. Problem of invasive flies, and larvae wandering around our kitchen: “Sir, you understand, if we don’t know the origin, we can’t help you.” Correct, but why not try to get to know it by involving a professional? Perhaps the small enclosed courtyard in a dilapidated state overlooking the kitchen has something to do with it? I cannot spare you the state of the exit, which is one of the most surreal moments of my life. The apartment is in immaculate general condition, in some respects (especially on the floor) cleaner than the one in which it was found. The owner runs her finger over the furniture which was new when we arrived, where indeed a little dust remains. She starts to think about stupid things: a little limescale on the shower glass, a small limescale stain remaining on the oven window, a few traces of rain on the 5 meter high windows, the ventilation chambers of the windows from the kitchen which overlook the unsanitary courtyard are dirty, etc. The nerves are failing: the owner is really putting the premises, which are in very good general condition, under the microscope, whereas a few months previously, excrement was flowing from the walls of the toilets and the kitchen, and coming up from our toilets. We threaten to leave this absurd scene. The boss of the agency then disputes part of the findings which is indeed due to normal use of the place (a few scratches on the electric burners, a small mark where a frame was placed, etc.) but does not contest not those that I have just mentioned, among others. We then tell him that it is very cheeky to quibble over details given the situation we experienced and the lack of compensation. We remind him in passing that he had promised to contact his insurance broker for compensation. He said, "But that had to be seen with your insurance. It was up to your flood insurance to compensate you." We immediately respond: "Why didn't you inform us of this during our numerous telephone conversations at the time of the problems?" No response, just a half-smile between embarrassment and satisfaction. Well yes, why didn't you tell us? The answer is simple: Meusardennes does not care about you, your well-being or your legitimate interests. Meusardennes only thinks about his wallet and only acts when legal measures are considered. The agency is also uncontactable 3/4 of the time. In short, greedy agency (of contempt). To avoid.
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