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Max Makelaar

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    •  Torhoutsesteenweg, 8400 Stene, Oostende
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    Max Makelaar is een enthousiast en open vastgoedkantoor. Wij verkopen uw pand met zorg en kennis. Professionele begeleiding naar de verkoper toe, commerciële aanpak met flexibele ingesteldheid naar de koper, en bovendien gratis juridisch advies in ruime zin door notarieel jurist. Wij zorgen voor : professionele fotoreportage, ons stijlvolle imago, snelle aanpak en accurate opvolging. Wij verzekeren onze klanten van de verkoop van uw huis/grond/bedrijfsgebouw of appartement aan de beste voorwaarden ! Zowel de verkoper als de koper kunnen rekenen op duidelijke afspraken, open communicatie en perfecte voorbereiding tot aan de notariële akte !
    Max Makelaar heeft open kantoren in Oostende en Gistel. Wij werken discreet en op afspraak. Zie WWW.MAX-MAKELAAR.BE
    Bel gerust op 0477 25 26 18 of 059 43 35 03 met uw vrijblijvende vragen.

  • Reviews 23

    • birgit schoonjans in 2022 via Google
      • + 6 months ago we put an apartment for sale with a well-known real estate agent in Ostend without any results. Via via we ended up with Katie from maxmakelaar and what a relief, she immediately felt us, was correct, honest and very professional. On 14 She sold the apartment in days and moreover she introduced us to the new owners in a pleasant way, which was a nice end to an important period in her life for my mother. I can only congratulate her and wholeheartedly recommend her. a top lady! Mrs. Neumann
    • Luc De Keuleneir in 2022 via Google
      • + Very good service. Correct and very pleasant, friendly business manager!
    • Johan Vanmarcke in 2021 via Google
      • + Katie guided us in the sale of an apartment and garage that required some attention and knowledge to put on the market. The way Katie did that is exceptional, and we can tell you that based on our experience in 'trading' real estate. She has struck the right balance between buyer and seller, both parties have greatly appreciated her way of working, so that even the buyer has opted for Maxmakelaar for further cooperation. Sincere congratulations to Katie and your working method is the key to your success. I wish you the best. Johan Vanmarcke
    • Dorine from Gistel sold in 2020
      • + kennis van zaken, doet méér dan verwacht (zelfs na de akte), een aanrader
    • Dorine from Gistel sold in 2020
      • + kennis van zaken, doet méér dan verwacht (zelfs na de akte), een aanrader
    • Dominique Hamelinckx in 2020 via Google
      • + Against all odds It is always exciting to choose the right real estate agent, but working with Max Makelaar was the best decision of 2020. My house (B&B) was not easy to sell and certainly not in corona times, but Katie succeeded after barely 3 months !!! After a pleasant intake interview, everything was arranged from A to Z. Not only was the paperwork arranged very quickly, photos were also taken from a unique and I dare say artistic point of view of my building. She is always ready to answer your questions and gives professional advice to sell your house better and faster. Max Makelaar is very flexible and can schedule an appointment at any time of the day, so I had no stress of having to move my own appointments. Max Makelaar's style is young, smooth and completely up to date. The enormously attractive website ensures that your property immediately catches the eye of potential buyers. Even after signing the compromise, Max Makelaar continued to dedicate himself to the additional sale of the household effects and a smooth settlement of all contracts. For example, she not only commanded admiration from me, but also earned my gratitude, for the next setting for sale I no longer have to look for a good broker ????????????
    • Bart from Bredene sold in 2020
      • + - juiste schatting
      • + - correcte en héél vriendelijk
      • + - vlotte verkoop
      • - geen,
    • Kristof Van Rentergem in 2020 via Google
      • + The ever-cheerful Katie has guided us perfectly through the purchasing process. Her tips were useful, her information very interesting. We immediately felt at home. I can warmly recommend Maxmakelaar's services.
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