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Matexi - Vlaams Brabant

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    Matexi stelt u kwaliteitswoningen en -appartementen voor in buurten waar wonen tegelijk betaalbaar en duurzaam is: ecologisch, voor de lange duur. Betrouwbare kwaliteit, die de mogelijkheden van elk budget maximaliseert, en op termijn meerwaarde creëert.

    Wij willen van iedere thuis een betere plaats om te wonen maken. Daarom creëren wij buurten die inspireren om samen meer van het leven te maken. Voor mensen die niet alleen nieuwsgierig zijn naar de eigenheid van hun persoonlijke woning, maar actief openstaan voor al wat de wereld rondom hen te bieden heeft.

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    • Rene Schluter in 2022 via Google
      • - After about 4 years, we discovered that our 2 Villeroy & Boch shower trays (bathroom and shower room) had been installed incorrectly due to rising damp in the night hall. The installation manual clearly states that the 4 sides of the shower tray must be supported with beams. This did not happen, causing the shower trays to bend too far and the sealant edge to tear through. Anyway, everyone makes mistakes. After more than 1.5 years of calling and emailing back and forth and a lot of patience on my part, Matexi finally had a first intervention carried out on the shower stall in the shower room this summer ('22). Instead of supporting the 4 sides of the shower tray with beams, it was decided to fill the entire space under the shower tray with 10 bags of cement. Anyway, a problem can be solved in different ways. The problem, however, is that the shower screen was immediately replaced. I don't need to make a drawing: by immediately replacing the shower screen, the shower tray was no longer level, so the water on the side of the shower screen immediately flowed into the bathroom. A second intervention was intended to solve this problem. The result: apart from the fact that the quality of the sealant is downright scandalous, there is now a puddle of water 6mm deep in one corner of the shower tray after showering - see attached photos. Instead of taking responsibility, Matexi now literally calls the puddle of water 6mm deep "minimal, negligible". She suddenly claims that there is nothing wrong with the shower tray in the bathroom, while I literally received an email stating that the shower tray has been placed incorrectly. In addition, we were asked by Matexi by email to select a new tile because our current tile in the bathroom could no longer be reordered. Why would Matexi ask us to select a tile for work that she did not plan to carry out? Since Mr Sterckx, member of the Management Committee of Matexi, has been involved in our case for approximately six months, the only remaining option is to take legal action against Matexi. I find it extremely sad to see that Matexi's moral compass has been completely disrupted... I post this review with the intention of warning future buyers. Matexi realizes beautiful projects and I experienced the guidance during the construction process as very positive. However, that positive experience will be completely negated if it later turns out that there are defects, because it will then become apparent that Matexi is evading its responsibility if things do not go according to plan...
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