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    • Jojo Bernard in 2022 via Google
      • - I really don't recommend this company. They will waste your time. The boss is the most obnoxious person I have ever met. He will not hesitate to take you high..
    • Julien Delpature in 2022 via Google
      • - Bad experience with them I give you our personal point of view. Neighboring one of their current construction sites, they demolished the adjoining building in a barbaric way, leaving the wall unsupported. As it is no longer supported on their side, stones fall and the lime mortar literally melts under the action. rain. After many requests from our side, emails and recommended letters remained unanswered and this since March (more than 6 months yes). Not to mention their lack of embarrassment, their workers allow themselves to come home and park in our driveway without asking our agreement. I wish you never to have them as a neighbor or any other connection. Since then, following a legal action, Maison Baijot has carried out some work. Debouck Manon and Julien Delpature from Villers-Lez-Heest.
    • dd in 2022 via Google
      • - Quite disappointed. workers who don't even speak French, when there are mistakes, you can't even communicate with them. Regular supplements recorded on your bill under the pretext "according to article 3 of the property development contract" is shameful. Count 50,000 euros extra on your initial quote that they will try to extract from you. Choose an architect, the specific companies you want to use for your construction, in the end, you will arrive at the same price. Also, their invoices are written in a way that highlights the amount you should pay if you are late, while the base amount is not highlighted. If you pay too much and you are not careful, they will never come back to you to let you know... Regarding the choice of materials... you can imagine that most are with a little red sticker, so with a supplement. .. to flee. Facebook group found on which former clients and potential clients can discuss: My Maisons BAIJOT experience
    • Dimi Janssens in 2022 via Google
      • + We have finally delivered our construction, good quality, very transparent what is inclusive and not inclusive, high quality material standard without extra cost. Normally very quickly, only we had bad luck with a subcontractor, Maison Baijot itself is excellent and always on time, but the subcontractors are not always the same story, unfortunately our construction was only equipped with heating and water six months after delivery, we have Had 3 plumbers and they all let us down . In the end MB got behind it and put one of their best plumbers on the job, CM Sanit, thank you and they got it sorted. The only beer that could be improved was the communication of the site manager, but he has since gone to I have understood.
    • Anestis Mavridis in 2022 via Google
      • - We had a new house built, which was finished quite quickly. We have a lot of issues with many things like for example: very bad installation of the window in the "salon" as air is coming through... Garage not accessible because they didn't lower the sidewalk at the entrance... Water tap in the bathroom showed some rust 2 months after installation... And many more... After the delivery, they rarely answer our phone calls and we are struggling to fix even the most basic things like the window. In any case we pay a lot of money, it is a new house and the least we can ask is to have a nice and operational house. I would definitely not recommend them. Our experience with them has been awful. I gave one star because I cannot give zero.
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