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    LEXIMMO ... heeft veel in huis:
    - Aantrekkelijk & gevarieerd aanbod van bestaande woningen & appartementen, gronden & nieuwbouw.
    - Grondige kennis van de vastgoedmarkt in de Antwerpse regio.
    - Dé expertise om voor U een 'gratis & vrijblijvende' schatting uit te voeren & uit te werken op papier binnen de 24h na ons bezoek ter plaatse.
    - De vlotte, sympathieke én correcte makelaar die U persoonlijk zal begeleiden van A tot Z.

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    • Walter Himschoot in 2022 via Google
      • - Super friendly people smooth service
    • Garry Van Roy in 2022 via Google
      • + So far very friendly and honest . I am still in the early stages of selling my house. Hopefully it stays that way.
    • Geert van Leemputten in 2021 via Google
      • - Broker is fifteen minutes late. Tenants had already let me in. After arrival, the broker is visibly irritated and uninterested. I ask a few questions to better understand the high communal costs: 'You came up with this, huh, everything is on our file.' I ask why the broker is so hostile towards me. Apparently it is 'not done' that I 'just' let myself in. I leave.
    • salma ya in 2020 via Google
      • - If they offer a home that is not located in the Reet area, I advise you to walk away. 4 years ago bought a house in Luchtbal and nothing but misery, pretending they know nothing about the state of the house and only say the main adjustments that need to be done, I don't recommend them. favoritism with the sellers and great deception in 1 house
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    • Average listing price Listing price < +
    • Average rental price/bedroom < +
    • Average Realo Estimate® < +
    • Population that is single Low High
    • Average age of the population Low High
    • Population that is a big family Low High
    • Population that is higher educated Low High
    • Population that is seeking a job Low High
    • Population that is from other origin Low High
    • Average income Income Low High
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