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    Immodrome is een jong en fris vastgoedkantoor, centraal gelegen in Lubbeek.
    U kiest Immodrome? U krijgt:
    Een vrijblijvende en deskundige schatting
    erkende vastgoedmakelaars
    een correcte vraagprijs
    persoonlijk contact
    100% inzet van een commercieel team
    geïndividualiseerde marketing en planning voor uw eigendom
    een fotopresentatie in onze etalage
    gerichte en doeltreffende advertenties in media en op internet
    opvolging en begeleiding tot bij de notaris
    wat wij beloven
    tijd voor uzelf?
    Wanneer u samenwerkt met Immodrome heeft u als eigenaar geen enkele kost, indien uw eigendom niet binnen de afgesproken periode verkocht wordt.

  • Reviews 35

    • Yuri vdv in 2022 via Google
      • + The purchase of my home went very smoothly and real estate agent Tim ensured a smooth and fair agreement between both parties.
    • Joachim Gotink in 2022 via Google
      • - In 2018 we bought a new-build home at Immodrome. In addition to real estate agents, they were also the principal for this house. We can only be positive about the purchase of the house and their role as broker. All contacts were smooth and punctual. We are less enthusiastic about their role as principal. Here and there they didn't take it too seriously during construction. For example, after 2 years we had to reconstruct the driveway, since it was not stabilized and consisted of construction waste on which a root cloth and pebbles had been laid. In addition, there is a moisture problem that, according to the contractor, they were already aware of.
    • Cagatay Ozdemir in 2022 via Google
      • - I definitely recommend to stay away from this agency if you have any chance. We filed a complaint to BIV because they got our money for a service they did not give which is basically unethical. Also they do not accept to refund our payment. They create a lot of unreasonable excuses and their attitude is annoying and illogical most of the time unfortunately. We will update this comment according to the result of the legal course.
    • Michelle Vander Motte in 2022 via Google
      • + A few months ago we started looking for a house. We went to see some of them. Both with private individuals and through real estate. Each time we asked if there were many candidates. This is to estimate our chances. My friend also asked every time to let us know.. As well as if it would be negative news for us. So we shouldn't hope for nothing..  Private individuals always kept their word and always said something neatly, as it should be. If the choice lay with us whether or not to take a property, we always let you know. Matter of courtesy. But we never heard anything from the real estate agents ourselves. Disappointing of course. Until we saw a house that was on the Immodrome site. Almost immediately we were allowed to visit this place. We immediately saw ourselves living there. That same day we stopped looking at other properties. (We had completely set our sights on the last house.) The tour went with Steven. Professional yet a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere. However, there were hardly any candidates on the first viewing day. So they would have liked to have scheduled an extra viewing day. Understandable, of course. Immodrome kept its word and let us know that nicely. Disappointed as I was, Marie immediately heard this on the phone and looked for a solution together with Steven. Half an hour later I got a phone call from Marie. With the proposal to meet with the landlords. To get to know each other a little better that way. My courage had sunk just before that. But how happy we were with her call! For which still 1000 times thanks. Full of praise for the way in which they have sought a solution for us on their own initiative. The conversation went very smoothly and not much later we received the fantastic news that the house was assigned to us after all. We were/are really happy! After that, we all came together again to arrange all documents and the like. Everything went very professionally with Marie, but above all, smooth and pleasant. Of all the real estate that we have had to deal with in recent months, Immodrome is really at the top of our list. Getting an answer after a viewing really makes a world of difference. Instead of leaving people in the dark. The entry was made by Benthe. Again, professional, smooth, very friendly,.. We really recommend Immodrome to everyone! In the meantime we have almost completed our first week in our new house, we have found our way and we look back on our experience with Immodrome with only a positive feeling. Thank you all. You are amazing 1 by 1 and together you make a fantastic team! Michelle & David.
    • Ninah TL in 2022 via Google
      • + I find a renting via Immodrome. All was extra simple with Benthe. Thank you for your concern, and efficacity. :)
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