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het Syndicusburo

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    •  Tisseltsesteenweg 61, 2830 Willebroek
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    • Walter Borré in 2022 via Google
      • - You call next a smear campaign against you. The individual accounts of owners are wrong on all sides. At AV you expertly revolve around the pot in answer to pertinent questions. The board made comments on the EGM and you subsequently dismissed it by registered letter, including commissioners who STILL did not receive the CORRECT ACCOUNTING FOR 2020. You promised the present owner, also a sworn accountant deontology. company auditor, that you will send him the correct 2021 accounts within 14 days. When did that happen ? You have not yet submitted a report from the EGM of 24 May 2022 on 28/06/2022 (as you do fill in more day orders, reports, and candidatures at your own discretion). You, syndic, Esmeralda, have created a conflict of interest with our conscierge. Concierge of which all owners and residents are extremely satisfied. You have canceled this conscierge by registered letter for urgent reason, and you are taking legal action against him because he, as a self-disadvantaged owner, writes a review here. We urgently request our conscierge back. Hire him, stop the lawsuit that's in your hands. In the interest of us, yourself, the profession of syndic, amicably respect yourself and join us, We pay (a) l (d) you correctly, not to fight your feuds or your great right to achieve but for the protection of the interests of owners and residents. Stop throwing sand into the cogs of working day-to-day management. Would you like to put the importance of our building first? Do your job. Then this review can disappear. Hand over correct accounting for 2020, 2021 2022 and all other documents to the possibly newly appointed syndic. Prinsenhof Zwartzustersvest Mechelen has 105 owners. People at the EGM of May 24, 2022 clearly had the same complaint. After which you have taken all the aforementioned actions against the board and conscierge and the EGM itself. You did not submit concrete malpractice, problems with and evidence against them at the EGM of 24/05/2022, but you do go to court. Subject to all rights and remedies and without any adverse acknowledgment.
    • Charline De Block in 2022 via Google
      • - Not even worth this one star. Extremely dissatisfied.
    • Olivia Verbruggen in 2022 via Google
      • - Never thought it would turn out like this... Promise heaven on presentation and land us in hell :(
    • Angelo De Facq in 2022 via Google
      • - Obstinate, incompetent , we are VOLUNTARILY on the council of our VME and had a good collaboration with the syndic. Until the moment we started noticing that bills were being paid for other buildings, until the moment we noticed that NOTHING was done of what was promised during the signing of the contract. In the meantime, we have also incurred arrears at our energy supplier due to their poor management. Sorry to have to write this. Hopefully this comment will stay, previous comment on the facebook page has GONE.????
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