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    Als bouwbedrijf en projectontwikkelaar houden we van bakstenen. Logisch. Maar we houden nog meer van mensen zoals jij. Want als bewoner breng je bakstenen tot leven. Door te wonen geef je onze nieuwbouwprojecten een ziel.

    HECTAAR spitst zich toe op gezinswoningen en appartementen in steden en gemeenten in West- en Oost-Vlaanderen. Zo willen we een meerwaarde creëren voor gezinnen, alleenstaanden of investeerders. Door in te zetten op unieke, groene of kindvriendelijke locaties, door architecturaal het verschil te maken in het straatbeeld en door af te werken met een gevoel voor detail en evenwicht.

    Bouwen doen we niet voor onszelf, maar voor jou als bewoner of investeerder. We houden rekening met je wensen en je dromen. Wij passen ons aan jou aan. Hectaar biedt sleutel-op-de-deur-woningen aan, maar ook afwerking volgens je eigen smaak en budget, kant-en-klare modelwoningen, aangepast bouwen op maat en bouwgronden. Want wonen is meer dan een dak boven het hoofd. Wonen is genieten.

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    • sabine top in 2024 via Google
      • - From the start of construction, many things went wrong. When I contacted the construction company I received no response. Ultimately, a construction expert was appointed. This found even more errors than I had already done. During the preliminary delivery, the Hectaar company received a voluminous file. My expert immediately put me at ease that he would contact the Construction Confederation if Hectaar did not agree with certain comments.
    • Jolien Van nieuwenhuyse in 2024 via Google
      • - We are very dissatisfied with Hectaar's approach, we had to call and email a lot to get things right that were not in order, sometimes we didn't even get an answer to the emails, which is very unprofessional. The after service is very unprofessional towards the customer. We will NEVER buy with Hectaar again!!
    • Stephanie De Baere in 2023 via Google
      • + Very good experience with Hectaar. I was about to buy a house, but I would still have to pay too much and for too long. Twice, Hectaar has done everything in his power to help me with this, to make it possible.
    • nicholas heirwegh in 2023 via Google
      • + We are very satisfied with our brand new home custom built by Hectaar. From the start, we always received clear, fast and honest answers to all our questions. Special thanks to Louise for the support from design to delivery and to Stijn for the follow-up of our site!
    • Elke Demasure in 2023 via Google
      • + We bought a semi-detached building in a Hectaar subdivision. The traditional method of construction ensures a sturdy building. Choices could be made regarding flooring, kitchen, lighting, stairs, sanitary facilities, doors, etc. This was a huge asset. It is clear what is included in the standard price. Additional choices obviously cost more, you generally pay a fair price for a perfectly finished house that is ready for painting. The only downside is that you pay a high commission on the additional cost choices if they are made through Hectaar. Check carefully whether the additional costs are correct and appear realistic, these matters are certainly negotiable. During the provisional delivery, a few points were noted, these were immediately followed up by Sofie and the next day we saw, for example, a mason who came to close the small openings in the garage, top follow-up. For example, there was damage to our bathroom cabinet during installation, which will be replaced immediately. Communication with Hectaar always went smoothly, we had an answer to our most difficult questions within 2 days. Thank you for giving us a home!
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