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    • ruisi alessio in 2024 via Google
      • - Keeping agreements seems to be difficult for today's real estate agencies. First schedule an appointment and after four days simply say, someone else has made an offer. Professional at its best!!
    • Adam in 2023 via Google
      • - ZERO Hasseltsestenweg 381 Kortenbos. Landlord and Govimmo services is looking like on the picture. The services of this agency is family system with Landlord. They are completely untrustworthy, disrespectful and fraudulent. Because it is more profitable at the moment to sell the building than to help tenants. But we don't give and soon we will prove that our options are facts not myth.
    • F Bali in 2023 via Google
      • - Unfortunately, I have to share my disappointment with my experience with Govimmo after viewing an apartment. It's been four weeks now and we still haven't received any information about our application. This lack of communication and the fact that we are being strung along shows a very unprofessional approach. Not only have we not received clarity on the status of our request, but the employees have also been unfriendly in their interactions with us. The lack of empathy and customer focus further deteriorated our experience. As potential tenants, we expected at least transparent and efficient communication, but unfortunately Govimmo has not lived up to this basic expectation. It is frustrating to be left in the dark and treated in a way that does not match the professional standards you would expect from a real estate agency. Unfortunately, I do not recommend Govimmo based on my disappointing experience. Hopefully they can improve their communication and customer service processes to provide a better experience for future customers. You don't even deserve 1 star.
    • sylvie geimer in 2023 via Google
      • - I am really disappointed by the lack of professionalism from the agency, despite the problem you are being royally ignored. We rent an apartment that has barely been entered, we discover problems: when my upstairs neighbor takes her bath, my toilet floods (the water comes out of the lamp and flows to the floor), the window in my bedroom no longer opens (impossible to air the room), half the time when it rains, my feet are in the water in the garage. For all these reasons I give you 1 star, if I could put zero it would be too big for your ego.
    • Adam Przybylski in 2022 via Google
      • - My previous opinion about the Govimmo agency did not satisfy the owner very much. More than the problems we struggle with in our rented apartment at Hasseltsesteenweg 381 Kortenbosh. e.g. dirty water that blocks the taps every 5/6 weeks (no pressure) and therefore the heating stove does not turn on. It is not possible to drive into the garage because the chassis rubs against the driveway. And after not much rainfall, the utility rooms in the garage were flooded. The owner decided not to answer the phone and not reply to messages. The reason is probably that this building has been put up for sale. Everything that I wrote before and now is 100% true that I can prove with photos, messages and recordings of previous conversations. I sincerely advise against the services of such unreliable pseudo companies. My case will be dealt with by appropriate institutions, I will keep you informed. I gave one star because there is no option to choose zero, but so much can be said about the cooperation and obligations of the owner of this agency, total ZERO from the first days of renting an apartment. He gave us the keys to the apartment in the winter, where the heating did not work, we waited for a week with a 4-month-old baby for hot water and heating. Then it's just an avalanche of problems and disregard on the part of the agency. I do not recommend it in any case, please avoid a wide berth.
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