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    Een uitzonderlijke ervaring sinds 1994 met een grote deskundigheid in residentieel vastgoed in en rond Antwerpen. Ons professioneel en enthousiast team van gediplomeerde en BIV-erkende vastgoedmakelaars, staat garant voor een eerlijke en hoge kwalitatieve begeleiding bij het zoeken naar een nieuwe woonst alsook bij het vinden van een nieuwe bestemming voor uw vastgoed. Zowel huurder, verhuurder, koper als verkoper, krijgt een optimale dienstverlening waarbij persoonlijke aandacht centraal staat.

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    • S De Groof in 2022 via Google
      • + Quick and efficient drived by marie julie for a specific need (fully furbished duplex with terasse and in the center) Nothing special to say except that you can go further with this agency without doubt.
    • DTsmn in 2022 via Google
      • - Kareen Daenen (realtor working for de meester) is incredibly rude and unprofessional. She did not say hello when she arrived. She tried opening 3 other doors before she realized she was trying the wrong apartments. she gave us no information, no tour, and gave only short answers. The only time she actually spoke to us was when she asked (after hearing us speak another language amongst ourselves) "where are you from" - that is rather suspicious ... is racism involved perhaps? When we went back to the ground floor, she did not say goodbye, closed the doors of the elevator, and went back up. We were so confused?? We waited a few moments as we thought that she might have forgotten something and will come back down to say goodbye. That never happened. The whole experience was very awkward, and her incompetence was unbelievable. Seriously, stay away from this place.
    • Adeyola in 2021 via Google
      • + Great ereal estate professionals here. I got the apartment I want right on time. The staff are friendly and have great work ethics. Visit them when checking for a house or appartement. You sure will be satisfied.
    • Jane Verdoorn in 2021 via Google
      • + I am very satisfied with the great service delivered by De Meester and this is why: Clear terms and conditions, fast and responsive staff, great planning and execution of the visits and the negotiation. I would highly recommend this professional real estate company anytime.
    • A. Smith in 2021 via Google
      • - If there was 0 stars i would put 0. Very unprofrssional agency. First she was late for the appointment, then she came and all the time speaking on the phone,not even saying hello. Then she showed the apartment with an attitude that shoeed totally not interest in her work and a bad face like - "come on i just want to go, is not my day... On top if all in the middle of the visit she said she got a call from the owner that the property is already rented. (which was a lie because i heard the conversation). So... loss of time and bad experience. Definetely dont reccomend this agency!
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    • Average listing price Listing price < +
    • Average rental price/bedroom < +
    • Average Realo Estimate® < +
    • Population that is single Low High
    • Average age of the population Low High
    • Population that is a big family Low High
    • Population that is higher educated Low High
    • Population that is seeking a job Low High
    • Population that is from other origin Low High
    • Average income Income Low High
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    Active listings 5

      • € 2.950.000
      Business for sale
      Over a year 800m2
      • € 2.950.000
      Office for sale
      Over a year 800m2
      • € 365.000
      2 flats
      Over a year 2 beds 97m2
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