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    • Lindsay Leflere in 2022 via Google
      • + If you are looking for a broker who thinks about the client's portfolio first, then you have come to the right place at the Makelaardij. My house was sold within a month and they have always given me correct advice. In short, don't hesitate!
    • Faiz Tahiri in 2022 via Google
      • + Professional, adequate, friendly, clear, flexible, jovial.... That's how I start my description of the De Makelaardij team. The collaboration that I had in the past with real estate agencies was okay, but De Makelaardij will walk with the price. The team is also very involved and the competence is therefore very rich. I can heartily recommend them! Congratulations, you are doing well! Regards, Faiz & Kadija
    • Hilke Heremans in 2022 via Google
      • + Had a very good experience with Stephanie and Esther van de Makelaardij! We were welcomed quickly and friendly and the expected sales price was realistically estimated. In terms of promotion and administration, everything went smoothly. The visits were well organized and correct advice was given. Our property was sold quickly, with a satisfied buyer and seller. 100% would recommend :-)
    • Sara Week in 2022 via Google
      • + I would like to thank the entire team of De Makelaardij for the great cooperation! It was emotionally a very difficult step for me to decide to sell. As a first step, I contacted several brokers in Mechelen for the free estimate with the transparency that I did not know yet whether I would sell. Unlike all the other brokers who kept pushing, Stephanie gave me all the time, understanding and support I needed to finally make the move. After comparing all candidates, De Makelaardij seemed to have the best offer in terms of price/quality and I also had the best click with Stephanie, so I followed my gut feeling. I was always a bit wary because I had already been scammed in the past and she must have felt it, but she never blamed me and the entire team of the Makelaardij has never betrayed my trust. On the contrary, at every step in the process I was positively surprised by their professionalism and humanity at the same time. I am a very perfectionist myself, but I was very pleasantly surprised at how high the bar was already set with them. Communication went smoothly, and once I made the decision, everything went very quickly. My apartment was a bit of a "problem case", but I insisted that everything was fair to potential buyers and that nothing was swept under the rug. They respected that and fully supported it. The setup of the EPC was a very correct contact with Lukas. Taking the photos and 3-D through their partner went smoothly and professionally. Together with the floor plans and the potential restyling, they delivered a very nice end result. Planning the visits went smoothly. I also received a login code for their website and could follow everything online. On the first day of my visit I already had an offer with my asking price! The drafting of the compromise went smoothly. They also have insurance in case the buyers should die between compromise and deed, no other broker had that trump card. Esther and Stephanie have left nothing to chance here and have completed this administratively down to the last detail. When drawing up the deed itself, the civil-law notaries of both parties were seriously messing around, which caused a lot of stress and I had to sound the alarm at the last minute. Stephanie then immediately jumped in and straightened everything out. Nothing but praise for this top team! I wish you much success in the future!
    • Tim Pollenus in 2021 via Google
      • - Our experience with De Makelaardij was unfortunately not so positive. Everything up to the onboarding went very correctly and professionally. The first contact went very well and we received the desired information very quickly, which was a relief compared to other brokers. What happened after the signing of the contract can only be described as very clumsy. First of all, the estimated price was much too high, so there were hardly any requests for visits. When we wanted to talk to the broker about this, he reacted very hostile. Secondly, the information we supplied did not appear correctly on the agreed real estate websites. When we responded immediately (that same Friday), we were informed that this would only be resolved after the weekend. Furthermore, the lady from the virtual tour only came by two weeks later when the momentum had already passed and the social media campaign, which had been praised in advance, looked more like the final work of a primary school student. Also, the agreements made were not communicated properly to the back office, so that the visiting moments were not recorded optimally and there were huge time gaps between the visits. To top it all off, our potential buyers were also very confused, so that our ultimate buyer had almost dropped out. It was handy that De Makelaardij looked up all the necessary documents for the notary, without the additional costs that the notary would charge. Our tip to anyone who wants to sell their property: do it yourself, it will save you a lot of frustration and money.
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