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Century 21 - Maximmo

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    • Emie Pangilinan in 2023 via Google
      • - Read first! A team without professionalism and any "human" understanding, they only see their own person. The deposit recovered but without any explanation as we tried to contact a certain person on several occasions! Their client doesn't make any solid contact while they receive their money in time. Worries that do NOT resolve AT ALL. Requests NOT RESPECTED! They ask to release a room during the time of the works. NO WORK HAS BEEN PERFORMED except that the insurances are there For! Yes, unfortunately damage was found. Part of the deposit has been taken. BUT WHEN IT COMES TO PERFORMING REPAIRS BECAUSE THE DAMAGE WAS CAUSED DUE TO NON-PERFORMING REPAIR THE AGENCY MAKES NO EFFORT TO FIND OUT AND LEAVES THE TENANT WITH A ROOM WHICH IS NOT POSSIBLE TO OCCUPY FOR SEVERAL MONTHS WITHOUT REDUCING THE RENT BECAUSE THE TENANT CAN'T OCCUPY ALL THE PROPERTY RENT CORRECTLY IT'S SHAMEFUL! THE CENTURY 21 AUREA MONS AGENCY IS NOT TO BE AVOIDED BUT BE CAREFUL OF THEM BECAUSE NO PROFESSIONAL FOLLOW-UP!
    • Khodor Nasrallah in 2023 via Google
      • + The friendliest staff and very professional Highly recommend it
    • Caroline Cocu in 2022 via Google
      • - I've been waiting for my sureties for two months. No seriousness or professionalism.
    • Manoluma Licorne in 2022 via Google
      • - What can I say except that this agency is not attentive at all, is never available when you have to call them and very rarely responds to emails. We are the ones who have to run after him in order to have an appointment for an inventory. In addition, which is very demanding and an exit inventory without an owner and which will put you on the straw. I handed over my house in which I had lived for a few years, knowing that it had to do some work, I had not cleaned from top to bottom, but I had done what was necessary to make the house clean and yet , 350 € was withdrawn from me to be able to pay a company. In addition, the shutters had to be cleaned from the inside knowing that it was impossible for us to open the windows. We were happy to have a roof during all this time. But if you can run away from this agency that will strip you of your rental guarantee, I recommend it. Shocked to learn that right now people are inhumane. Thank you century you are the very example of society today. Stealing from the poor in order to better enrich yourself. ;)
    • Fabio Caramazza in 2022 via Google
      • + Very often in relation to this agency, I thank them for their kindness and professionalism. A pleasant welcome and a good listening by the staff and the bosses. I recommend this agency.
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