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    Gelegen op een toplocatie in de Leuvense binnenstad met duizenden voorbijgangers per dag, staan onze panden hier permanent in de kijker. Onze sterke punten ?
    Persoonlijke begeleiding, correcte communicatie, jarenlange ervaring op het vlak van verkoop, verhuur en het beheer van mede-eigendom. Zeer uitgebreid netwerk van particuliere klanten, investeerders, financierders en promotoren.
    We gaan voor een betere dienstverlening, een betere communicatie EN een grotere klantentevredenheid.

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    • sylvio vicente-bielen in 2024 via Google
      • + Kris is the best!!!!!
    • Debbie L'homme in 2024 via Google
      • + An honest real estate agent who treats you and your property personally. Thank you BVM and especially Jelle! What went before: I already knew a few people at BVM before I chose to work with them. Since I wanted to handle the sale of my property as best as possible, I decided to first compare a number of real estate agents. Each of them had their own approach, but I felt best with BVM. Below more why I made the right choice :-) I attach great importance to a human and honest approach. Both the people at the office and my real estate agent Jelle always made me feel welcome, but certainly also provided clear explanations. The atmosphere was professional and friendly at the same time, which I really appreciated. That put me at ease, because I definitely didn't want a slick broker, as the cliché goes. Jelle explained differently what I did not understand, and where I had concerns he consulted with me, and I can honestly say that this was a collaboration. Jelle always kept the bigger picture in mind, took into account that I am a committed person, and still said honestly when it was necessary. This is how BVM tackled it: - Clear explanation in advance and clear agreements - A platform where you can log in to monitor everything yourself - Always available with questions or concerns - Realistic pricing of my house - Good communication about visits - Fast planning of visits or quick answers to potential interested parties (you can see in the platform) - Accessible to both myself and visitors (I heard from the eventual buyers of my house) - Promotion of my building that was also well planned and looked very good: large facade sign, mailing to their customer base, preview on social media, very professional photos, a booklet with all photos and practical information to give to visitors, online via partners such as Immoscoop, Immoweb and Zimmo - Advice on further approach with bids, but I was still in control - Good support in planning and handling the compromise - Thanks to all this, my property was sold within a month Conclusion: are you also looking for a real estate agent who is understanding, accessible, communicative, honest and professional? Then BVM and Jelle are the right choice for you. I will definitely contact them again in the future. Thanks for everything!
    • ingrid Hermans in 2023 via Google
      • + Best real estate agency by far. Thanks to Clara Santos de Jesus. The service was top.
    • Etan in 2023 via Google
      • - By far the worst estate agent I've rented an apartment from in the past 20 years. - When they sent me the tenancy agreement, the price was higher than we had agreed (perhaps they thought I wouldn't notice because the agreement is in Dutch), the IBAN to send the rent and deposit to was wrong, and the agreement wasn't signed by the landlord. So I had to waste time on the phone with my bank giving them the wrong payment details, and I had to waste time repeatedly reminding BVM to correct the tenancy agreement. - After I repeatedly reminded BVM to send me back the agreement with the landlord's signature, BVM sent the agreement back to me with the landlord's name printed on it on a computer and claimed it was a signature. - They made me travel with all my luggage all the way to their office - which is nowhere near the apartment - to pick up the keys to the apartment, even though they knew I was moving from another country and therefore had tons of heavy luggage. - There was rust on the toilet, a lot of glue on the wall apparently from the previous tenant's wall hangings, and dust on the floor. - BVM promised the apartment would be fully furnished, but then a) they tried to get away with not even providing a mattress; b) there was no furniture -- not even a bed -- until two days *after* I moved in; c) the agreement says the apartment has both 'limited cooking facilities' and 'equipped kitchen', but those terms don't actually seem to mean what you'd think they mean, and d) the agreement said they would provide an internet cable, but they didn't -- I had to keep nagging them for it like I've had to nag for everything else they were supposed to do. - The heat isn't working, and they refused to come look at it. - The door to the building doesn't close on its own, so it's been open all night for any burglars to come in at will. I asked them several days ago to get the building manager to fix it, but of course, I was wasting my time. - BVM actually left a massive BVM sign saying 'To Rent' on my window, even after I moved in. When I reminded them several days later to take it down, BVM told me that if it bothers me I can take it down myself. (Yes, really.) When they said they would finally come and take it down, they didn't. So I walked through the bushes and started taking down the BVM sign from my window, but a lot of residue was sticking to the window. So I asked BVM again to take down their sign. No response. Of course they've apologized profusely for all of this, right? Wrong. Instead, they told me I should be more grateful to them. (Yes, really.) Patrice, Clara, all of them -- why did they go into this line of work if they have no interest in actually doing this kind of work?
    • Jiakang Xu in 2022 via Google
      • - If you are an expat relocating, don’t bother contact them. They will reply with an extremely unfriendly attitude and ask 50 questions where 5 are related to actual renting and the other ones are almost showing the message “we don’t trust foreigners”. And in case you reply, they will go on silent mode forever, guess they are too rich to bother on apartment renting.
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