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Brody Projectontwikkeling

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    • A Decent Hour in 2023 via Google
      • - Bad service. Do not cooperate.
    • Florence K in 2023 via Google
      • - Outrageous service! I rented through Brody for 2 years, always paid the rent on time and never had any problems. After I moved out of the apartment I had to wait 6 months to get my rental deposit back. 6 months! After repeated reminders, never received any feedback. In the end, only half was refunded, only receiving the other half 3 weeks later after a registered letter to the CEO. Not to be trusted.
    • Denise Lepoutre in 2022 via Google
    • Aleksandras ČYRAS in 2021 via Google
      • - We bought our house almost from this company and had a lot of troubles, first the house was delivered about 1 year later than promised with a lot of problems. Now we have serious issues and Brody is hiding, not answering, we ended up paying over 5000eur from our pocket for their bad quality work, but it is still not fixed, I am afraid we will still need to pay over 10 000 EUR to fix everything. Do not buy, from them!!!! More detailed information: We have very serious issues there is a pipe broken inside the walls and once we use shower on the first floor there is water leakage through the ceiling in the ground floor. We called Brody a lot of times- no answer, we send tons of emails- no reaction, we sent registered letter- the answer was that you need to contact your insurance, while the issue is clearly bad construction ( that is what the insurance say). The only option is to go to the court.
    • Kris Michiels in 2021 via Google
      • - Every situation is of course personal, but I have never seen such poor customer follow-up from a broker/seller (Project Oaze in Adegem). The basic information was incorrect, which meant that the compromise and mortgage agreement had to be completely redone (regardless of the fact that the information was crucial to the decision). From a completed apartment, I suddenly had none completed. No one could even tell me when the apartment would be delivered. In addition, there was a major water leak on one floor, which was of course skillfully concealed. Anything can happen, but the worst thing is that the project manager/real estate agent simply refused to contact us. Called 9 times, always promised that they would call back, but nothing. In addition, discounts and deals were also offered, but unfortunately not with me. Sometimes I bought too early, other times too late... It is normal that things can go wrong on 101 projects. The fact that you, as an agency, deal with it this way simply says something about the mentality.
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    • Population that is single Low High
    • Average age of the population Low High
    • Population that is a big family Low High
    • Population that is higher educated Low High
    • Population that is seeking a job Low High
    • Population that is from other origin Low High
    • Average income Income Low High
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