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Bell vastgoed

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    • Wendy Truyens in 2021 via Google
      • - We still have not received our deposit back from a garage that we have rented for +/- 7 years and which we canceled in October 2020. At the end of January 2021 we returned the key. But even to this day we still have not received our deposit back and we ALWAYS paid on time and correctly. This is certainly not directly Pica Nina's fault as they are not the owner. But I've called Pica Nina several times and they say every time they're going to pass it on to the owner. For the rest, nothing is done about this and I did not expect that from Pica Nina. Sad thing.
    • Rik Verachtert in 2021 via Google
      • - Unclear site
    • Tina Christina in 2020 via Google
      • - Are not keeping their appointments!
    • paula geets in 2020 via Google
      • + Very satisfied.
    • Gunther Liesse in 2019 via Google
      • - House for sale from my uncle estimate 225000 euros
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