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    Het familiekantoor Avantimmo werd in 1994 opgericht en is ontstaan uit een jarenlange ervaring en samenwerking in de vastgoedsector. Onze dynamische makelaars zorgen voor een persoonlijke en kwalitatieve dienstverlening en staan garant voor een succesvolle realisatie van uw vastgoedplannen. Elk lid van ons team is een erkend biv makelaar en aangesloten bij het cib.

    We zijn gespecialiseerd in verkoop, verhuur en nieuwbouw. Een professionele en persoonlijke aanpak met uitstekende service is één van onze vele troeven. U kunt ons vinden in de Lippenslaan, hartje Knokke-Heist, dankzij de talrijke passanten krijgt onze etalage veel aandacht.

    Laat ons gerust uw gegevens na en wij houden u vrijblijvend op de hoogte van ons aanbod nieuwbouwprojecten, villa's, woningen, appartementen, duplexen, studio's, handelspanden en garages in Knokke-Heist en omgeving.

    Contacteer ons gerust indien u meer info wenst voor een vrijblijvende waardebepaling van uw eigendom.

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    • Niki Rommelaere in 2024 via Google
      • + We received very correct support throughout the entire sales process and could always count on a professional approach. Pieter from Avantimmo was also always available for questions or advice. Super satisfied!
    • Kenny RT in 2024 via Google
      • + My interactions with Pieter from Avantimmo in Knokke were nothing short of excellent. His thorough knowledge of the local real estate market and his professional approach have made a lasting impression. Pieter's advice was always thoughtful and sincere, and he was ready to answer questions and share insights, which made the process very enriching. An absolute recommendation for anyone looking into the real estate market in Knokke!
    • Joelle Buelens-Carlier in 2024 via Google
      • - We called on Pieter Zwaenepoel to sell our apartment in Knokke; In our view, a smooth and reliable broker. He informed us that a sales commission of 2.5% was only charged for the sale of the apartment and the garage. After just 1 month there was an interested buyer who also wanted to take over the furniture. Nice, such a quick sale until it turned out that the 2.5% did not only relate to the sale of the property but also to the furniture (various costs for requesting certificates were also charged.) In this respect, the name real estate agent seems to us to be a term taken out of thin air and that of real estate / movable property agent is more applicable. Good advice from a disappointed seller; Always have all information important to you included in the contract because verbal agreements are worthless. That's why think before you start with Avantimo!!!
    • Francoise Letzer in 2023 via Google
      • + Nice to visit this city on the water and its Citadelle.
    • Luc De Vos in 2021 via Google
      • + We bought our house in Knokke-Heist in 2017 through intermediation of the services of Pieter Zwaenepoel of Avantimmo and learned to know him as a very friendly, professional and trustworthy party. Today they still provide us key-services with a perfect execution and experience. We can recommend Avantimmo to anyone.
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