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    Sinds 1999 groeide AMICUS van een jong en dynamisch kantoor tot een gevestigde waarde in de vastgoedwereld. AMICUS is dan ook uw meest dynamische partner voor de verhuur van uw garagebox, de verkoop van uw villa, de schatting van uw dakappartement of de plaatsbeschrijving van uw landelijke hoeve. Natuurlijk worden ook alle andere mogelijke vastgoedtransacties professioneel behandeld. Uw eigendom verkopen/kopen of verhuren/huren was nog nooit zo eenvoudig, althans voor u. Contacteer ons dan ook vrijblijvend voor onze verkoops- en verhuurvoorwaarden en -resultaten.

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    • Mieke Versluys in 2022 via Google
      • + We have been working with Amicus for several years now and Wiske's enthusiasm is admirable. She does her job with full conviction and is also knowledgeable in this harsh world. She does everything she can to give buyers the 'right' feeling during their search for a new home. She believes in our project and sells it like hot cakes.
    • Veronica Vermeylen (Veke) in 2022 via Google
      • + We are moving from Ireland back to Belgium, so a more difficult task than a standard move. It was great to work with Amicus. Since I had to do business for the move, they were ready when I was in Belgium. Definitely recommended and if I also rent out a house I would definitely use them.
    • Paul De Buyser in 2022 via Google
      • + Were very helpful and professional in our search for a second stay in Diksmuide. A site visit, in the presence of the super friendly manager Wiske, cleared our last doubts and convinced us to invest in an apartment in the "De Bloemmolens" project.
    • Charlotte DC in 2022 via Google
      • - If you ask to visit a property by telephone, you will be screened immediately by telephone before a visit can be scheduled (which is actually not a legal right of an estate agency to do this and therefore no obligation as a candidate). We understand that you are asked what your net income is up to that point, but if you have to say, for example, what exactly you do about work or why you want to move to Diksmuide... This is independent of planning a visit and being irrelevant matters. I have also sent an email a few times to visit other homes and never received an answer... And in case I was not found in the customer file... Then the reason is probably that the data was not put in the customer file after my visit request this morning by telephone. Very sad that this has to be the case.
    • Lotta Sodemann in 2020 via Google
      • - Unfortunately I could not give lower than 1 star, so this is all they get. This was the worst experience in my entire time living in Belgium (25 years) when dealing with real estate. Having recently moved to Flanders from Wallonia they refused to serve me as I only speak French and English. The woman told me “this is West Flanders and here we only speak Flemish”. Clearly they are very xenophobic, even to people from their own country. Avoid at all costs PS when they call on a Samsung phone, it comes up that the number is potential fraud
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