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    • Fanny Chevalier in 2024 via Google
      • - It's been two weeks since I contacted the agent who is in charge of showing the property that interests me, several messages left on the answering machine, several SMS sent to learn today that he is on vacation. I am given another number and to my answer!! I text the new agent again and... NOTHING. So I prefer to give up and look elsewhere
    • Catherine Carlier in 2024 via Google
      • + Choosing ALPIMO to take charge of the sale of our property was the best choice! The professionalism, reliability, seriousness, punctuality, courtesy of Mr. ZAMBITO and Mr. MARKHIEV were remarkable. We relied on the laudatory feedback from several friends who had used the ALPIMO agency in MONS and were delighted with it. We did well to rely on their opinion. Our house was sold quickly, it was pragmatic and without any tricks, to the great satisfaction of the sellers and buyers. Everything was clear and honestly conducted. Mr. ZAMBITO and Mr. MARKHIEV really did the job! A well-balanced presence during visits, clear explanations for visitors, sound advice for sellers, intelligence, subtlety, cordiality throughout the negotiations until yesterday's official sale. A huge thank you to both! It’s truly a profession that cannot be improvised and you are excellent representatives of it!
    • Marie T in 2023 via Google
      • - If you want to buy a property and waste time, Alpimmo will meet your needs! I have never seen such unserious people when it comes to selling an apartment. We strongly insist that you make an unconditional offer, I refuse. No response to my offer. My offer coming to an end, I inquire to find out if the owner has accepted it or not: "well no ma'am. You were told to make an unconditional offer, now other interested people have done so, I you said it, you didn't listen to me, too bad", replied the nice real estate salesman (basically I wasn't looking for a sermon but just a "yes" or "no"). But 2 days later, the real estate salesman called me back in his little shoes "uuuuh.. In the end we did not receive the unconditional offer, are you still interested?". In short, I'm over it. When the offer was countersigned, that was the start of the problems: They went on vacation in the middle of a sale WITHOUT informing ANYONE, they did not hesitate to put pressure on the customer to hurry up, did not introduce the papers on time for the notary, the bank and everyone involved in the purchase/sale, they drag on and put the blame once again on the client, etc. It took 3 months for me to sign the sales agreement. In short, this agency only thinks about the jackpot they will make by selling you the property. Agency to clearly avoid!
    • Logan Curtis in 2023 via Google
      • + Great service, thanks for your help !
    • Lauris Defaz in 2023 via Google
      • + Top
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