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Living Stone - Pajota

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    Het “nieuwe” Living Stone is opgericht in mei 2021 uit een fusie van Pajota en Living Stone die sinds 1971 en 1993 elk in een aangrenzende regio actief waren. Samen vormen we een vastgoedgroep met 10 vastgoedhuizen verspreid over Vlaams-Brabant, Brussel, de regio Mechelen en het Pajottenland. Deze schaalvergroting effende de weg voor een vlotte transformatie naar een moderne vastgoedorganisatie met een waaier aan vastgoeddiensten en heel veel deskundigheid onder de vleugels van één sterk merk.

    Onze medewerkers zijn ondernemende en nuchtere professionals maar ze houden van hartelijke contacten en koesteren de verbindende kracht tussen mensen.

    Een grote meerwaarde bij Living Stone is de grote verscheidenheid aan lokale experten binnen ons team voor onze diverse specialiteiten: herverkoop, verhuur en rentmeester, nieuwbouw, projectbegeleiding, bedrijfsvastgoed, juridisch en stedenbouwkundig advies, marketing… U vraagt, wij draaien.

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    • Philippe Biname in 2022 via Google
      • + For our part, we can only congratulate and thank Rune Stallaert for his professionalism and skills. The sale was very quick and super well organized. A company at the forefront of computer technology even in the use of the oculus
    • Audrë Bouttaz in 2022 via Google
      • - I strongly advise against. The employees are incompetent; lack of transparency and broken customer promise. No case tracking; We are numbers in their eyes. To really avoid!
    • Jean pierre Herzeel in 2022 via Google
      • + Am looking for a home, interesting houses available that we set our sights on, hopefully find something there
    • Faysal Bentla in 2022 via Google
      • + Very pleasant experience with Vanessa. Sold our house well above the asking price. Outside of signing autographs, we were completely unburdened and everything was done for us. Thanks again! Faysal
    • Bram Kayaerts in 2022 via Google
      • + I was put in contact with Eline from Living Stone via the contact person for an estimate of my home. This was probably the best experience I could have with a real estate agent, she was extremely polite, friendly and patient. Eline followed every appointment punctually and provided me with a fully detailed report, which she also went over with me to make sure that all information was clear to me. She soon answered the additional questions I had. My experience with her was so good that I recommended Eline to family and friends to help them sell their home as well. To this day I can still contact her without any problems for additional questions, an example for the sector!
    • giuseppe Vitello in 2022 via Google
      • - VERY BAD EXPERIENCE LIVING STONE DILBEEK !!! During our visit of the house, the sales agent stayed in the kitchen. She didn't even bother to take us around the house, we were the only visitors. At the end of the visit we went to her to ask if there was anything else to report about the house. The sales agent plays with our trust and tells us not to worry, because the owner is an architect and has always maintained the house very well. We therefore make an offer at the requested price. Very soon we go back to visit the owner and notice that there are BIG infiltrations in the cellars (puddle of water). The owner is surprised by our surprise and guarantees us that he has passed on the information to the sales agent! Several times we tried to call the sales agent to get an explanation, but NEVER got an answer! Our notary tried to make an appointment with her, but she refused! This of course happened after we signed the sales agreement and until now we have not signed the deed of sale. This really puts us in a very difficult financial situation. The work is estimated at more than 25,000 euros!!! I REALLY DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS AGENCY!! Giuseppe V.
    • Dietske X in 2022 via Google
    • Dietske X in 2022 via Google
      • + Always very quick and friendly help. Thorough knowledge of the subject. I highly recommend working with Living stone.
    • Hendrik Vandeput in 2022 via Google
      • + Very smooth and friendly contact in general
    • Nancy Smekens in 2022 via Google
      • + Louise velghe..van living stone Rotselaar is a super sweet and very professional lady. Explains everything well about the tours.
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