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    • Anja Huyshauwer in 2024 via Google
      • - Definitely a company to avoid!! Delivers rental apartments that are not finished at all (see photos) for the rental start date of March 1, 2024). Not OK yet! Does not take his responsibilities, shifts everything to third parties. Is not in compliance with the legislation for renting out (no smoke detectors, no necessary certificates, etc.) Have the rental deposit deposited into his own personal account, which is not allowed.
    • Aline Pacieco in 2024 via Google
      • - •Dishonest agency that does fake reviews on Housematch and as soon as we post a negative comment we remove it, most of these reviews are from the same employees of the unit or headquarters (Ooms & Partners). •They will try to keep your guarantees without legal reason and when you try to contact no response. •Illegal contracts •The owner illegally asks to pay the rental guarantee into one of his accounts instead of blocking it as the law provides. To avoid!!!!!!!
    • Lisa Girard in 2024 via Google
      • - Absolutely unprofessional. To avoid !!!!! They do not respect Belgian law regarding deposits. When it comes to resolving a problem, no one responds, either by phone or by email. But they send threatening emails when they are in the wrong. The person who handled my file was dishonest.
    • Anastasiia in 2023 via Google
      • - Absolutely terrible experience as a renter. The whole building was infested with black and yellow mold, which is a health hazard. They did nothing about it despite loads of complaints. Only made a few cosmetic upgrades to hide the mold right before we moved out, because nobody would rent a place with a visible mold. There were hidden flaws in the apartment from the beginning, that they ended up charging us for after we moved out. We are also still waiting to get our deposit back and it's been 5 month since they were supposed to pay it. Very unprofessional personell who would just pop by whenever they want and expect you to let them in, while when you need something - it takes weeks to get a response. Their office was right above the apartment we rented from them, the personell would often throw their trash and cigaret heads into our garden. There were multiple checks of the building for water damage, fire safety and such, which was always just for a show: people would pop by together with the owner and have a friendly chat, while not actually checking anything. Avoid at all costs.
    • Joeri Timmermans in 2022 via Google
      • + Fantastic experience with Kim. She kept all her agreements, provided top service and the apartment was rented in less than 4 days. Follow-up to the tenant was also perfect. Many thanks to the B&S team!
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