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    • erdem eller in 2019 via Google
      Gereviewd: Skyline Renting
      • + The services of the company (and its employees) are quite reasonable and as promised. I lived in a brand new building for two years (I was one of the first tenants of that particular building in Rue du Bon Pasteur 58), and had almost no troubles at all. Therefore I would recommend Skyline services wholeheartedly. One rather unpleasant issue is that both the company's and the Korfina's slowness in paying back the deposit quickly (it took more than 2 months), maybe because of the Belgian slow bureaucratic procedures, I don't know.
    • Letlander Nokia in 2019 via Google
      Gereviewd: Skyline Renting
      • + It was a pleasant communication and professional cooperation with "Skyline Renting Services" during our place to be called home in Brussels. Our special thanks due to exclusively special customer approach goes to Ms Florence Bonnave. The key is also the owner's personality and values to be involved as that's a part of success and smooth cooperation too. We warmly welcome this provider and manager to be involved once you search for renting solutions. Happy Season's Holidays! J&L
    • Aurélien Vermylen in 2019 via Google
      Gereviewd: Skyline Renting
      • + Bonne agence, tolérante et constructive lors de l'état des lieux!
    • Giuseppe Di Paola in 2019 via Google
      Gereviewd: Skyline Renting
      • + Very positive experience with Skyline renting. Very nice new small apartment with all possible services. Everything was done to make the life easier to the tenant. the agent was always available and ready to help.
    • Fernando Collado Egea in 2019 via Google
      Gereviewd: Skyline Renting
      • - At the beginning everything seemed fine (although every paper had to be signed through mail, so we never had access to any original document), but over time agent became unresponsive (taking longer and longer to answer), and we had to pay for "damages" from normal use, when were told from the beginning those would be covered by the owners. On top of that, the boiler maintenance result was “the boiler is too old to perform mainteance”, and we were still charged for it after we left the apartment They expected us to give them a new flat back, after a year of use, it's illogical.
    • samia tamazhight in 2019 via Google
      Gereviewd: Skyline Renting
      • - Nous avons loué un appartement pendant ans chez skyline. Je ne critique pas l'agence en Elle même mais les propriétaires qui ne se gênent pas demander dès réparations pour des heures normales. Un fauteuil usé après plus de 5ans est une chose tout à fait normale surtout que c'était du simili cuir de qualité médiocre. On nous demande de refaire l'entretien de la terrasse sans aucune contribution de leur part! Je serai ok pour partager les frais mais j'estime qu'après 4 ans tout L appartement est largement rentabilisé avec leur loyer exorbitants.
    • Le canard Fauve in 2018 via Google
      Gereviewd: Skyline Renting
      • + Ik ben zeer tevreden over de support die ik heb gekregen van Skyline en dan met name door Anthony Penen, dit zowel bij het verkrijgen van de woning, het verblijf als bij het afwikkelen bij mijn vertrek. Thanks for the service!
    • karim nasr in 2018 via Google
      Gereviewd: Skyline Renting
      • + Force est d'admettre,que le service que m'offre sykline ,est largement plus efficace,que mes autres syndicats
    • MD MD in 2018 via Google
      Gereviewd: Skyline Renting
      • + Service très Professionel. J'ai loué un appartement avec eux l'année passée et tout s'est très bien passé. Ils ont beaucoup de choix d'appartements. je recommande leur service...
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