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    • Lagerta Keolis en 2020 via Google
      • + Goes!
    • Marie Vanhuysse en 2019 via Google
      • + Disponibles et réactifs. Un accueil agréable et des biens d'exception.
    • englishwithstefie en 2019 via Google
      • - WARNING WARNING WARNING to any customers who are even considering to work with this agency read my experience first. We saw a home we liked that was listed on their website and we called and they gave us an appointment to meet their agent lets call him for the sake of the story Stephanos on a Friday at 7 o'clock. The day comes and we are at 7 outside the house.. no Stephanos.. we call his number multiple times and half an hour waiting then we call the agent who tell us Stephanos has been missing all day and he didn't appear to any of his appointments. We really wanted to see the house so we made an appointment for the following Tuesday at 6 o'clock. They sent us a confirmation, we forgave and forgot as we are not unrealistic people and maybe something happened to Stephanos.. Come Tuesday time of the appointment, mind you I am struggling with the recent death of my grandfather, rearrange my work schedule to see this apartment but Stephanos no show again. Same story multiple phone calls to Stephanos mobile and to the agent and literally nothing radio silence. Next day my fiancé calls them and again because we so badly wanted this apartment he Kindly told them Stephanos hasn't appeared to the appointment and we wanted a new appointment with another agent.The person on the line spoke to my fiancé like we were absolutely disgusting pieces of trash, extremely rude and that we were so unreasonable to not understand that Stephanos is sick even though they kept confirmating appointments with him and I guess we had to sniff our nails and get a messenge from a high power to know Stephanos was going to come to his job. The person on the phone told us tough luck anyway your apartment is gone and hangs up on the phone. I called back and asked to speak to corporate they forward me to their Brussels store which a woman answered when I said I wanted to speak to the manager about Stephanos and the phone agents attitude and what happened she told me the manager wasn't in and won't be in all week and I could complain to her and she would tell the manager next week which was a massive EFF you to their customer. I told her why the hell did she make appointments with someone who is sick and with an apartment thats gone, she yelled at me and told me I DIDNT UNDERSTAND THAT STEPHANOS WAS MISSING THE ENTIRE WEEK.. and I told her if thats the case call the cops cause you sound like you got a missing persons case.. anyway long story short and funny how life turns out and THINK twice how you speak to your clients, we found out that specific apartment we were trying to see was NOT under their housing agent but ANOTHER ONE.. So they have false information on their site and tried to book appointments for a house which they didn't have access too so I guess thats why Stephanos was magically sick. NO APOLOGIES from their behaviour and poor ethics.. by the way Stephanos is totally cool still sends us emails about houses he manages so I guess he's not a missing person case anymore.. MASSIVE WARNING when working with these people.. if anybody has a problem with what I am saying I have call logs, receipts and messages to prove exactly what went down.
    • Claire Dury en 2019 via Google
      • + Service impeccable de Thibault d'Udekem.
    • Michel Henri Mathelot en 2018 via Google
      • + Très bonne expérience avec Stefania Masu lors d'un achat et avec Thibaut d'Udekem pour une location. De plus ils ont des biens de qualité! Je recommande
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