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    • Suck Your Mum en 2020 a través de Google
      • - No words can sum what sort of cowboys these people are . Unprofessional, not transparent , not communicating properly and making up lies . Please all stay away from them In 10 years of renting property never have I ever come across agency like this. Im surprised they are still legally trading. Until a major lawsuit happens that is !!!
    • Elizabeth Ryan en 2019 a través de Google
      • + We had a great experience with Homes2Sell Belper when selling our home. From David's initial valuation through to completion, they were great! Many thanks!
    • Joseph en 2019 a través de Google
      • + Home2sell are lovely people and eager to help when you get get hold of them. And as a Tennant, I'm happy with their terms and customer service, when I've spoke to someone they've been very helpful. It's a family run business and it feels that way! I've recently spoken to them about an issue I had and they were exceptionally receptive to feedback and willing to work with me to get it resolved.This has been a breath of fresh air in comparison to many lettings agents I've worked with in the past. I'd recommend them on their genuineness and service time and time again.
    • Clare Forman en 2019 a través de Google
      • - The worst customer service I have ever experienced. Whilst renting a property through this company over the last year our emails and phone calls regarding repairs to the property were ignored and required constant chasing up. They did a home visit without giving us prior notice which is a breach of our privacy and tenancy agreement. Constantly poor customer service throughout the year, even had to chase up for final information about the property inspection and getting our deposit back. Really disappointing.
    • Anne Robson en 2019 a través de Google
      • + Home2Sell recently handled our property sale, and their friendly professionalism and excellent customer service is par to none. In particular, we appreciated their ability to explain in plain English the complexities of buying & selling property. They have guided us through what is essentially a stressful process with a supportive, candid and commonsense approach. Having had dealings with other Agents, Home2Sell are heads above the rest with their friendly manner, excellent customer service and efficiency. We have never had to chase them as the team have been totally on the ball at every stage and have been in constant contact. Not only are Home2Sell highly competitive in their pricing but they have earned every penny. We cannot recommend them enough.
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