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    De specialiteit van Immo Europe is het verkopen en verhuren van woningen in de regio Koksijde, Sint-Idesbald, Oostduinkerke, De Panne & Adinkerke. Dat gaat van appartement tot villa of modern nieuwbouwproject. We hebben een bijzonder ruim en gevarieerd aanbod aan vakantiewoningen. Tegelijk kunnen we terugbogen op meer dan een halve eeuw ervaring in het beheer van gebouwen (syndic).

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    • Tom De Decker in 2020 via Google
      • - Never again... The sofa in the place I rented for holiday was worn down, so bad that the owner had to bring a Plaid to cover it. Pieces of the leather or faux leather came off and were all over the place, even in the bed. I left the place 3 weeks earlier than planned. As if the discomfort was not enough, it turns out I get a bill for cleaning the plaid they provided to cover their damaged sofa... can you imagine?! On top of that I got the bill for a shower head that I never used... They claim it is damaged without any proof it actually worked before since I did not use it... This was a total ripp off and will never book with this agency again!!!!
    • Fraidi Kahan in 2019 via Google
      • - When getting my deposit back it was missing 50 EUR. After inquiring I received a response that my bank took the money for charges. When contacting my bank they advised they took £1.50! Now there is a difference between 1.50 and 50!!!!!
    • ISW ISW in 2019 via Google
      • - You will never get your deposit back with these guys. They will find a tissue on the floor or a tin of tuna you left so they can charge you. Same is what my friends and family experienced. Sorry about the truth, simply being honest.
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    • Average income Income Low High
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